Why Fasting One Day A Week Will Produce Epic Results (And A Remarkable Body)

It’s human nature to want the vitality of a man in his prime and a physique that is appealing to the opposite sex.

Marketers know this, and that is why the diet and fitness supplement industries rake in hundreds of billions of dollars each year.

But what sells and what works are not one and the same.

That’s why developing a ripped body is beyond the reach of the overwhelming majority of men, even for guys that put in work at the gym.

It doesn’t have to be this way though.

You can have a ripped body and feel like a million bucks too.

Acquiring a rock-hard physique starts with a proper understanding of food.

Warning: Calories in Calories Out Is a Hoax That is Unscientific

All food is not created equal, and sugar is not the only fitness killer.

500 calories of pasta are nothing like 500 calories of steak. Let me explain…

Carbs are converted into glucose inside of your body, and your pancreas responds accordingly by producing insulin. The insulin then travels through your bloodstream telling your cells to clean up the sugar in your blood.

All good and dandy, right? Nope…

Insulin is also the key hormone that signals your body to store fat, and this is why 85% of diets produce atrocious results; because when glucose levels are high, the body’s ability to burn fat is severely limited.

“Almost ubiquitous weight regain is witnessed in virtually every clinical weight-loss trial, including those specifically aimed at improving weight loss maintenance.”  Ochner et al.

Your Willpower Will Fail You (That’s Why Dieting Never Works)

Even the mightiest of men can only rely on willpower for so long, and dieting is no exception. 

Diets ignite a chain reaction of shitty psychological and physiological effects that make it increasingly hard to succeed.

Even with restricted calorie intake, glucose and insulin spikes can render your exercise useless, which leads to a massive loss of motivation.

“Why am I not losing weight?” Have you ever asked yourself this question after a couple of weeks of solid exercise?  

Sugar spikes inevitably lead to blood sugar crashes which trigger food cravings, so you are constantly battling the temptation to snack. When you give in, it leads to guilt, and you are left wanting more. This naturally leads to binging, which is catastrophic to your fat-shredding efforts.

It’s a vicious cycle that sabotages your momentum. 

You already know how it goes…

Want to Know How to Get a Lean Physique? You Know, The Kind That Makes Women…


It’s not a pill, a diet, or even a specific workout. The answer lies in a practice that humans have evolved to partake in over thousands of years.

It’s called fasting and it will also turn you into an ultra-productive, ferociously resilient, and impressively level-headed son of a gun.

Fasting one day a week is a surefire way to produce astonishing results and reap health benefits like improved mental clarity, increased energy, decreased inflammation, and dramatically reduced food cravings.

It will take a little bit of discomfort to get it right, but once you gain momentum, the effects snowball into effortless around-the-clock fat incineration.

Why Fasting One Day A Week Will Produce Insane Results

We already talked about the negative domino effects associated with dieting, but fasting does exactly the opposite.

Fasting one day a week creates a positive feedback loop in your physiology that promotes rapid fat loss and many momentum and health-boosting advantages.

The reason is simple: a fast dramatically reduces insulin and glucose levels. Add to this a reduced calorie intake, plus a heightened metabolic rate from increased norepinephrine, and you have a perfect fat-burning storm.

Once you master fasting one day a week, it becomes easy to practice intermittent fasting a couple of times a week or every day, which combined with fasted exercise, will make you lean as fuck.

We’ll plunge deep down into the nitty gritty of this topic so you can understand how it all works.

However, if you want to skip the science and get right down to fasting and shredding fat, here are a few high-octane tips so you can hit the ground running.

If you use these, I can just about guarantee you will find sublime success with fasting.

How to Fast Like a Champion: 4 Tips Insane for Fasting Success

Discussing the benefits of fasting one day a week is one thing, but let’s face it: putting it into practice is tough.

Here are a few tips that will guarantee ass-kicking results right from the jump.

Fasting Tip # 1: Phenibut Will Elevate Your Mood and Make You Centered and Calm

Phenibut will make your life-changing endeavor into fasting effortless.

It turns any activity into a walk in the park, whether it’s high-stress work, a nerve-wracking presentation, or an intense workout.

Phenibut puts you into an excellent headspace without affecting cognition or alertness. It has helped me step up my game in too many ways to count, and I still take it when I need a bit of extra confidence, swag, and focus.

It synergizes amazingly with caffeine and other stimulants, so you’ll probably feel sharp and productive too. In short, using Phenibut on your first few fasting days will make success all but guaranteed.

Fasting Tip # 2: Use Exogenous Ketones as An Alternate Source of Energy

Successful fasting comes down to overcoming a few hurdles.

People typically give up when hunger pangs and mood swings kick in (nobody likes feeling like shit), but much of this can be avoided or eased significantly with proper hydration and exogenous ketones.

Exogenous ketones (KETO BHB) are a natural, explosive form of fuel for mental and physical performance.

You can use KETO BHB to accelerate your transition into deep ketosis. It also provides the following benefits:

1) increased energy
2) reduced appetite and cravings
3) improved cognition
4) accelerated transition into deep ketosis
5) decreased inflammation

Keto BHB is highly effective for high-octane workouts and elevated concentration. It will heighten focus and make fasting a lot easier.

Bulksupplements.com’s KETO BHB is extremely high quality at unbeatable prices.

Fasting Tip #3: Phenylpiracetam Promotes Laser Focus and Suppressed Appetite

Phenylpiracetam will make you mighty and quick-witted without any typical side effects of hardcore stimulants. It also works wonders in the gym by amplifying physical endurance.

It can be likened to a smoother and safer version of Adderall, without the terrible side effects. And it will provide tons of physical energy for your fasted workouts.

If you want more background on how phenylpiracetam works, consider the following:

Your mitochondria are essentially the power unit or battery of your cells, and they create a usable form of energy for cells called adenosine triphosphate.

Phenylpiracetam is like nitrous oxide for your mitochondria, exponentially boosting cellular energy and therefore cognitive performance.

It is my favorite cognitive enhancer of all time, and it helps out tremendously during a fast.

Fasting Tip #4: Ease Your Way in with The Keto Diet

Much of your food cravings are related to sugar and its effect on the pleasure centers of your brain. This is why people suffer on a fast; they are essentially dealing with sugar withdrawal.

The ketogenic diet requires around 85% of your food to come from fat. Your body enters ketosis because, in the absence of glucose, it has nothing else to use for energy besides fat and ketones. 

I personally love the keto diet. It provides many benefits like lowered inflammation and elimination of hunger-related food cravings. Once your body is running smoothly off of healthy fats, it feels spectacular.

The ketogenic diet can also act as a buffer, so your first fasts aren’t too drastic a change from your regular eating routine.

The Secret to Thriving with Less Food (Why It Eventually Becomes Easy)

The major food corporations indoctrinated us with a lifetimes’ worth of lies.

You have been taught from childhood that eating three times a day is necessary to maintain optimal health and vitality.  Because it’s good for you (*wink*wink*) and also boosts their profits.

Your stomach is the size of a human fist, but it can expand to 50 times its size. It requires a gargantuan amount of energy and vitality for your body to digest a shit load of food.

But what is the real reason your stomach growls after a couple of hours without food?

Hunger pangs and hunger related mood swings (such as anger, lethargy, anxiety, confusion, etc.) are real, but they are not there because you require food every couple of hours.

They are hormonal responses that your body has created from years of habitual eating.

Your brain is essentially addicted to the pleasure response it acquires from food.

Like Any Task Worth Undertaking, Fasting Will Be Hard at First

You can systematically eradicate hormonal food cravings. It’s just a matter of putting in the work.

Any time you attempt to make positive changes in your life, you will be met with formidable resistance from your mind and body. Your biochemistry is equipped with a mechanism called homeostasis which wants to keep you comfortable and safe at all costs. It will attempt to stifle your efforts by producing angst, anxiety, discomfort, etc. 

Changing your body is no different, and that is why mastering fasts will require a bit of determination. 

When fasting for the first time, you may encounter one or more of the following side effects:

Hunger – stomach growling and feeling hungry as fuck. 

Lightheadedness and Headaches – feeling weak, dizzy, or getting headaches during your first fasts. 

Fatigue and Lethargy – it’s not uncommon to feel tired or weary when fasting. 

Mood swings – hypoglycemia, otherwise known as low blood sugar, could cause you to feel agitation, frustration, confusion, nervousness, etc. 

Bad breath – your body will begin using fat and producing ketones as alternative fuel sources. The byproduct of ketones accumulates in your blood and can transfer into your breath (a small price to pay for a top-notch body).

These side effects will only occur during your first couple of fasts, but if you implement the tips at the end of the post, you may not experience any at all.

For headaches, you can use ibuprofen or aspirin.

Black coffee or caffeine anhydrous work wonders for fatigue when you are pushing through a fast.

We’ll dive into more powerful fasting hacks in a bit.

Turbocharged Fat-Burning from Fasting (And How to Use it to Gain Momentum)

Here’s why fasting is so mind-blowingly effective.

When you go long periods without consuming calories, your body first uses up its glycogen (carbohydrates stored in your muscle tissues). 

Your insulin levels drop significantly on a fast; this signals to your body that it’s time to free up fat as an energy source. At this point, you will start burning massive amounts of fat. 

Norepinephrine levels increase during fasting, which supercharges your metabolic rate.

See what’s happening here?

Several physiological factors are working in your favor, making it totally possible to achieve the rock-hard body most can only dream of. 

All you have to do is stay consistent and, of course, go hard in the gym.

The Challenges of Fasting Are Top-Heavy, But the Upside Is Tremendous

Fasting one day a week will lead to a major shift in your body’s relationship with food.

Your stomach won’t growl, and you won’t feel malnourished when you don’t eat for a few hours. You will also have a ton of energy when you are in ketosis, which will enable you to go hard as fuck in the gym.

This is how momentum kicks into overdrive.

Once your mind and body are used to functioning in a fasted state, it is super-easy to implement intermittent fasting a few days a week, or even every day.

Then you can start working out in a fasted state, which multiplies your fitness results.

So, in stark contrast to dieting, fasting becomes easier and easier with time and practice.

High-Intensity Fasted Workouts Will Make You Hard and Lean

Your body is built to go for hours and even days without food. That is how our ancestors did it for centuries.

Working out during a fast, even if it’s an intermittent fast, unlocks maximum fat-burning mode.

Low Insulin + Increased Metabolism + Ketosis + Hardcore Workout = Meteoric Fat-Burning

The best advantage of this eating regimen is that you don’t have to ration your food or be hyper-conscious of your calorie count. On non-fasting days, you can eat until you are full and then some (even more so when you are intermittent fasting).

Fasting is a lifestyle choice that will act as a gift that keeps giving because it will increase your well-being in various ways, including mental and physical performance.

It’s all about making it through a one-day fast, once a week. If you can do that, the rest of the pieces will fall into place over time.

Keep the momentum building, and you will end up with a shredded body – it’s as simple as that.

You Can Use Fasting to Step Your Game Up in Countless Ways

You will be astounded by the mental clarity that fasting for one day can produce — there is a point when you go from hungry and tired to tranquil, light, and laser-focused.

It can feel like a natural high of sorts, only you can work and think much more clearly than usual.

Fasting ignites autophagy, where your brain and body begin regenerating cells by removing waste material. This process is advantageous for vitality and longevity.

Fasting can dramatically increase human growth hormone in the body, which has insane implications for performance, recovery, and muscle growth.

And fasting also drastically decreases inflammation, which further boosts health and performance.

Do You Want to Radically Change Your Body and Mind? Here Is How You Do It

Diets suck and rarely work – they produce short-term weight loss followed by long-term weight gain. These fluctuations are obviously not conducive to achieving hardcore fitness.

You may find quick, short-term success with the slow-carb or Atkins diets, but your progress will eventually sputter. Try it for yourself and see…

The answer to your body goals is the 24-hour fast.

You can overcome a few challenging hours while improving your overall health and mental fortitude. This is a habit that will change your life for the better. It will become easy with time and, as the years go by, you will find that it was one of the best decisions you have ever made.

They say some drugs are gateways to a worse life. That may be true, but fasting is the polar opposite – it’s a gateway to an extraordinary life.

It will catapult you to the pinnacle of your physiological potential and have you bursting with strength, energy, and focus.

Use the tips discussed above to master 24-hour fasts. Once you get the hang of it, start hitting the gym while in ketosis. Then learn how to break homeostasis routinely.

It may be challenging at first, but the reward is a ripped body and limitless potential.

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