Beginner’s ECA Stack Dosage Guide: How to Use a Legal Fat Burner to Get Ripped

Let’s discuss the mighty ECA stack dosage, otherwise known as the last remaining supreme thermogenic.

Whether man or a girl, youngster or a veteran, college student or professional, we have all, at some point, felt the urge to get in better shape. 

When this happens, it is only natural to look for supplements that can transform your fitness journey into a success. After all, attaining a saucy physique is a worthwhile goal with many benefits.

A colossal frame demands respect and draws admiration. It is captivating to the opposite sex and, like few other characteristics, says, “I am disciplined.” “I am a strong mother fu$%er.” and “I can push my mind and body to the limit.”

How do you attain the highly coveted Adonis build?

Shredded, Hard, and Hung: 7 Tools for Getting a Competitive Edge in the Gym

The human body is an intricate machine that is hard to understand. Most diets suck and don’t work. And it takes a ton of guts and ferocity to attain bodybuilding glory. 

As with most other badass accomplishments, it has much to do with momentum, strategy, and balls. 

How to Implement a Proper ECA Stack Dosage 

Why Gains and Veins Require Momentum, Planning, and a Proper Game Plan

There are various tools, tips, and tricks that can be used to your fitness advantage.

The ECA stack is an over-the-counter fitness cocktail that revs up metabolic rate, allowing your body to burn fat reserves at a turbocharged rate.

It also provides an energetic buzz that can jolt you into action and have you kicking ass in life.

I learned about this combination from the legendary biohacker Tim Ferris in his book, The Four Hour Body.

He used it to get his abdominal veins to show — these appear right above the Adonis belt.

How to use the ECA Stack

Before we take a deep dive into how it works, here are some basic benefits and features:

The ECA stack is an unparalleled fat burner.

It works by increasing metabolism and suppressing appetite.

It is generally well-tolerated, but there are potential side effects.

When done right, the ECA stack is a high-octane combination that makes a mockery of most pre-workouts.

This thunderous fitness mixture can melt fat off of your body. It is also completely legal (for now).

Warning: The ECA Stack is Effective, But It Has Potential Side-Effects

While the ECA stack can produce staggering results in terms of promoting fat loss and making you uber-lean, it may yield side effects such as:


restlessness and insomnia

high blood pressure

jittery, shaky, and sweaty hands

mood changes

The reason for this is straightforward. 

An ECA stack dose raises your heart and metabolic rate, which can induce anxiety.

With that said, there are workarounds you can implement to mitigate jitters. 

I just took about 15 milligrams of ephedrine (half a capsule from my last box of Bronkaid) and feel motivated and focused. 

My suggestion to you is to start with the same strategy — half a capsule (12.5 mg) instead of a full one (25 mg). 

I first became acquainted with ephedrine after a brief but brutal encounter with allergic asthma. I had undiagnosed seasonal allergies, and my lungs and sinuses had become inflamed, resulting in extreme lethargy and intense body aches.

An ephedrine-based drug called Bronkaid eliminated my symptoms without causing any anxiety. It loosened the soft tissue in my lungs, relieving the feeling of having a vice grip around my neck and chest. 

I noticed early on that it had a few unexpected benefits— it made me palpably energized and focused. 

The secret is to start with a small ECA stack dosage and work your way up.

ECA’s Fat-Burning Ability Is Rock Solid and Proven in Scientific Studies

The ECA stack increases heart and metabolic activity and revs up energy expenditure. It is also a magic bullet for hunger suppression.

ECA has been proven in studies to be effective, tolerable, and relatively safe.

For example, one study of 52 randomized controlled trials found no serious adverse events (only mild side effects).

The same study found that consumption of ephedra and caffeine (both components of the ECA stack) produced an average weight loss of 2.2 per month more than a placebo.

Results from a Harvard Medical School Study Were Solid Too

An authoritative Harvard study showed staggering results from ECA stack doses of ephedrine (75–150mg), caffeine (150mg), and aspirin (330mg), divided into premeal doses.

This research found efficacy and high safety marks for otherwise healthy obese individuals taking the ECA stack for weight loss.

There was no calorie restriction in this study. In just eight weeks of taking ECA, the average weight loss was 3.2 kgs vs. 1.3 kgs for the placebo group.

Neither group was dieting in any capacity. Now, imagine what you could achieve through a tried-and-true diet and training regimen.

Additional Promising Study Facts:

6 test participants stayed on for further observance during 7–26 months. The average weight loss was 5 kgs after five months compared to the placebo group, which gained an average of .03 kgs.

One participant remained on the ECA stack dosage for 13 months and lost 66 pounds, albeit with caloric restriction.

Both studies found that standard ECA stack dosages are well tolerated in healthy individuals and supports prolonged and sustainable weight loss at modest levels, with or without caloric restriction.

How To Get Started on ECA Like a Professional and Get Amazing Results

ECA Stack Dosing
ECA Stack Dosages Can Be Used for a Maximum of Eight Weeks 

The evidence is ironclad when it comes to ECA’s fat-incinerating potential.

It is a formattable tool in your fitness arsenal that could take your physique to the next level.

To maximize your chances of phenomenal results and minimal side effects, start with a low dose and gradually increase it until you hit your sweet spot.

The standard ECA stack dosage includes:

1.Ephedra (12.5–25mg) taken 3x per day

2.Caffeine (150mg) taken 3x per day

3.Aspirin (83mg) taken 3x per day

Hint: ECA is Ridiculously Effective Even at Small Doses

You will receive a substantial boost of energy with small ECA dosages.

There is no need to rush into big-league territory. 

I recommend starting low on the ephedrine so you can test your response.

Begin with half a tablet (12.5 milligrams) in the morning, then another half in the afternoon, then a final half tablet for your last meal. 

7 AM, 12 PM, and 4 PM are ideal time frames so you don’t impair sleep.

Want to Learn the Inner Workings of ECA Stack Dosages? My Pleasure

ECA is just an acronym for ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin. Ephedrine alone is a surefire way to shed pounds at an accelerated clip. 

However, studies show it is even more potent when used in conjunction with caffeine and aspirin. 

Each compound plays a significant role. 

Let’s start with the fundamental ingredient, ephedrine. 


Considering all of the biological effects of this alkaloid, it’s no wonder it has been a staple in Chinese traditional medicine for thousands of years. 

Ephedrine comes from a Chinese plant called ephedra or mua-huang. It is a sympathomimetic agent that enhances the release of norepinephrine from sympathetic neurons and stimulates alpha and beta receptors. The latter means it relaxes bronchial smooth tissue and can be used for temporary relief from allergy and asthma symptoms. 

How does this relate to getting shredded?

It actually works in a few ways, which is why it is top-tier thermogenic agent.

Increased levels of norepinephrine result in more fat being available for the body to burn

Ephedrine also stimulates heart rate and increases cardiac output. And most importantly, it reduces hunger cravings by affecting the satiety center in the hypothalamus.

It can increase athletic performance and make you shred fat like nobody’s business. That’s why it got banned from professional sports. 

Where can you score premium, high-grade ephedrine?

In 2004, the FDA banned ephedrine alkaloids for all uses except allergies, colds, and asthma — it is still 100% legal if you have any of these ailments.

Thus, the only way to acquire this mighty fat-incinerating substance is if you have allergies, a cold, or asthma.

To get ephedrine in the form of Bronkaid, book an appointment with your primary physician and tell them you are dealing with minor asthma symptoms from allergies — millions of people suffer from allergies, so this should not ring any alarms.

If you prefer a more straightforward route, you can request Bronkaid from your doctor next time you have a cold. It dries up the mucus membrane and clears up nasal passages allowing you to breathe more freely. 

Either option will enable you to stock up on a 60-day supply of Bronkaid tablets which contain 25 milligrams of ephedrine.

Ephedrine — the E in ECA stack — was taken off the retail market in the early 2000s. The only way to get it nowadays is through your local pharmacy by purchasing Bronkaid or Primatene.

These drugs are manufactured and sold as temporary treatments for bronchitis. You can acquire some by asking your doctor for a script due to allergy-related breathing obstruction.

This is a legitimate use of the medication, so execution should be easy-peasy.


Multiple studies have shown that ephedrine synergizes with caffeine to make for a fat-burning cocktail of epic proportions. 

Caffeine plays a crucial part in the ECA stack dosage equation. It rounds off the one-two punch of efficient thermogenic substances that take the fat loss to the next level. 

The best way to incorporate caffeine into your ECA stack is by using caffeine capsules. You can buy these at your local grocery store or a reputable online vendor like


Aspirin has no thermogenic effects when taken alone, but it augments and prolongs the fat-burning properties of the ephedrine plus caffeine stack.

It also allows norepinephrine levels to remain high, making ephedrine effects last longer.

Your aspirin dosage will be one small 83mg tablet every 4-6 hours.

Norepinephrine Plays a Huge Role in Releasing Fat Stores for Energy

Norepinephrine, also called noradrenaline, is a hormone that heavily impacts your body’s ability to burn fat — it is the body’s way of producing the “fight or flight” response, which our ancient ancestors used to react decisively and aggressively during dangerous encounters.

A proper norepinephrine dosage will increase heart rate, sharpen the mind, heighten blood flow into the muscles allowing for mightier strength and speed, and open up airways in your lungs and sinuses.

It also prompts your body to release all available energy stores, including fat. 

For Those Who Want to Begin ECA Like a World-Class Biohacker…

The ECA stack is an insanely robust means of shaving weight and trimming body fat in record time. However, a slight deviation from your personal optimal dosage could mean the difference between success and failure.

Do you want to start with a risk-free and fail-proof approach?

Try the following ECA stack dosages:

1-Ephedra (12.5mg)

2-Caffeine (100 mg)

3-Aspirin (83mg)

Take these ECA stack dosages every 4–5 hours.

The dosage guidelines above will still provide incredible energy, focus, blood flow, and appetite suppression.

If jitters are under control after a couple of days, increase ephedra in 12.5 mg increments until you strike peak fat-shredding mode.

The Golden Rule: Spend Time Getting It Right Before Taking the Plunge

It pays handsomely to be scientific about what you put into your body. 

It may take a bit more work and patience to tinker with your ECA stack dosages and carefully monitor effects, but the result is a worthwhile elixir that produces hardcore results.

The process is worth the effort for the ECA stack because your minimum effective dose will still provide the following advantages:

Focus levels that surpass most cognition-enhancing products

Supercharged energy and motivation for tackling tasks and hitting the gym

Accelerated weight loss via increased metabolic rate 

Hardcore appetite suppression 

A uniform dosage rarely works the same for everyone.

But if you can dial your regimen in uniquely for yourself, you will hit the jackpot with the ECA stack.

Additional Considerations for Effective ECA Stack Dosage: More Important Info

How long should ECA be taken?

It is generally not recommended that ECA be taken for more than eight weeks straight. 

However, you have plenty of options for cycling the ECA stack.

There Is No Uniform Method (You Can Tailor It to Your Specific Goals)

One option is to do one day on, one day off (for eight weeks).

Another potential cycle is two days on and then two days off (for eight weeks).

Many people do 4-weeks cycles followed by a 4-week break.

The point is to work your way into a groove. Even with the ECA stack, the make-or-break component is time and consistency. You will get far more out of a cycle that you can endure comfortably.

We already discussed ECA’s effect on norepinephrine and how it helps deplete fat stores in the body. Another great thing about ECA is that it makes intermittent fasting a walk in the park. 

If you can incorporate intermittent fasting into your ECA stack dosage, you will set yourself up for some explosive fat loss. 

Frequently Asked Questions

❓ Is the ECA stack safe to use?

The short answer is yes.

Clinical trials (including one from Harvard Medical School) have demonstrated that the ECA stack is safe and effective when proper guidelines are followed. However, this does not mean that it is free of side effects.

If you would like to evaluate, use the research articles below:

❓ Does the ECA actually make you lose weight?

In terms of fat-burning, it is hands down better than 99% of dietary supplements.

A Harvard Medical School study showed that regular ECA stack dosages were a powerful fat-burning agent, with participants losing 246% more weight than the placebo group during an 8-week period; the study did not include caloric restriction or any workout regimen.

This has tremendous implications for what is possible on a solid diet and exercise regimen.

❓ How Does the ECA stack work?

It combines the appetite-suppressing and thermogenic effects of ephedra (a central nervous system stimulant) with the metabolism-increasing effects of caffeine. Aspirin is added into the mix to make the effect last longer.

You end up with an ephedrine/caffeine mixture that fires metabolism into overdrive, suppresses appetite, and skyrockets mental and physical energy.

This creates a perfect storm for ferocious fat incineration.

❓ Does the ECA stack have any side effects?

Depending on your dosages, the ECA stack can cause anxiousness, heart palpitations, rapid breathing, sweaty hands, racing thoughts, and other symptoms typically associated with stimulants. The best way to avoid common side effects is to start with a smaller dosage.


❓ How long should an ECA stack cycle last?

Limit your ECA stack cycle to 4 weeks, then take at least 4 weeks off. You can start another one after your break, but I wouldn’t recommend doing more than 2-3 cycles a year.

If you are doing a shorter rotation, such as one day on followed by one day off, or one week on followed by one week off, you can continue for up to 8 weeks.

Here are the most practical options for your ECA stack cycle:

ECA Stack (On Days) ECA Stack (Off Days) Duration of Complete Cycle
1 Day 1 Day 8 Weeks
2 Days 2 Days 8 Weeks
7 Days 7 Days 8 Weeks
>28 Days 28 Days 4 Weeks
❓ What are some of the potential benefits of the ECA stack?

If you handle stimulants well, there is a good chance you will achieve mind-blowing levels of vigor, concentration, drive, and fat loss while on the ECA stack.

It packs the raw voltage to blow most pre-workouts and dietary supplements out of the water.

❓ How to take the ECA stack?

The ingredients combination in the ECA stack is generally taken three times a day.

The typical amounts are 25 mg of ephedrine, 200 mg of caffeine, and 82 mg of aspirin.

Or you can cut the dosages in half and gradually increase them until you reach the amounts above.

Another option is to stop when you hit your sweet spot.

❓ Are there any substitutes for the ECA stack?

There aren’t any stimulant-based supplements that can even come close to what ECA has to offer for burning fat, but you can match the appetite suppression with bitter orange and caffeine.

The best bitter orange supplement I am aware of is from Limitless Nootropics.

❓ Who shouldn’t use the ECA stack?

People who have high blood pressure should not use the ECA stack. People who have mood or personality disorders should also stay away from ECA.

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