Shredded and Focused AF: 13 Ways to Skyrocket Physical and Mental Power

Powerful Supplements for Speed Exercises and Mental Mastery

“With your mind power, your determination, your instinct, and the experience as well, you can fly very high.” — Ayrton Senna

For Those Eager to Achieve Beast Mode and Make Great Things Happen

It took a long fucking time and countless wasted dollars.

High-Octane Fat-Burning Supplements
The Ultimate OTC Speed Formulation That Got Banned

The Magic Elixir Remained Out of Reach for a Few Years, Then Breakthrough

These legitimate bangers will aid greatly with your mental and fitness goals. As a young athlete and aspiring entrepreneur, I would have killed for a list like this in my early 20s.

Whether speed exercises, vertical jump training, high-powered cognition, or insane willpower, these supplements can help you get there without sacrificing well-being. 

Supplements for Speed-Excercises and Vertical-Jump-Training
Rev-Up Speed Exercises, Vertical Jump Training, and Get Shredded

You can use them to your advantage to achieve many worthwhile pursuits such as:

How to jump higher to dunk and/or master your sport

Use the supplements below and combine with daily vertical jump training and speed exercises.

Achieving world-class levels of focus and determination

Study the two books on this list and put the principles into practice immediately. They provide a world-class lesson in destroying limitations.

Developing the perseverance to learn any skill or artform

Learn how to enter a laser-focused flowstate every single day.

2 Brain-Igniting Compounds for Unrivaled Blast of Energy and Enthusiasm

Master Your Mind and Body (Speed Exercises, Vertical Jump Training, Extreme Focus)
The Best Supplements for Apex Mental and Physical Performance

1. Kratom — a natural herb that will skyrocket your confidence and shoot your energy levels through the roof in a centered, non-jittery way. It is a versatile juggernaut of an herbal supplement that is powerful but subtle in its effects.

2. Phenylpiracetam — a nootropic that skyrockets mental alertness and concentration while providing a potent blast of physical energy for the gym. It will make you laser-focused with terminator-esque willpower.

Both of these combine elevated energy and motivation while simultaneously decreasing anxiousness.

3 Gems for Insane Pumps and Ultra-Enhanced Mobility in The Gym

It is no secret that blood flow is essential to vitality, but most people don’t realize its hardcore impact on performance and well-being.

The same applies to inflammation. Low circulation plus high inflammation is a catastrophic combination that will leave you feeling old and brittle.

The following supplements will supercharge blood flow to every area of your body.

They will minimize inflammation, increase blood flow, and produce a bulging effect on your muscles and veins during and after workouts.

It looks beastly and feels great.

L-Citrulline DL-Malate 2:1 — Supreme Circulation Booster Extracted from Watermelon

Citrulline dilates your blood vessels by boosting nitric oxide production.

It is a staple in my daily regimen because it allows for higher-intensity workouts and insane muscle pumps after hitting the weights.

It packs exceptional health benefits and aids with recovery. And it is second-to-none among non-stimulant energy boosters.

Agmatine Sulfate — Optimized Circulation from Alternate Pathway, Plus Improved Mood

A vasodilator that improves mood and protects the brain:

1) Promotes endothelial nitric oxide production, leading to vasodilation (i.e., opened veins and supercharged blood flow)

2) Increases insulin sensitivity and supports glucose metabolism (potential fat-burning effects)

3) Enhances beta-endorphin secretion (heightened mood and focus via boosted endorphin production)

4) Acts as a neuroprotective/nootropic compound (studies have shown agmatine protects vessels in the brain and can protect the brain from stress-induced damage)

L-Citrulline DL-Malate 2:1 and Agmatine Sulfate Stacked Together

What are my favorite effects from this combination?

1. Enhanced agility and next-level performance on high-impact movements, sprints, and jumps, etc. You will feel like a savage.

2. Mammoth bulges of muscles and veins after working out. You will look like a beast.

The best company for Citrulline and Agmatine Sulfate is Bulk Supplements because of their exceptionally high quality and pennies-on-the-dollar prices.

I take this stack multiple times throughout the day for high-intensity training, which happens to include vertical jump training and speed exercises.

CBD — A Master Anti-Inflammatory Agent

CBD is a master anti-inflammatory compound.

Taking it before sleep every night will reduce inflammation and rev up energy, focus, mood, and performance for the next day.

It will also help you get deep and restful sleep and aid in recovery from workouts and stress.

Science. bio, my go-to biohacking company, is currently having a blowout sale of up to 70% off.

Taking CBD with the two supplements above will dramatically improve agility when paired with stretching and proper hydration.

Please Note: THC-free CBD is the one that says broad spectrum.

4 High-Octane Compounds for Increased Reps and Hardcore Fat-Burning

These supplements provide extra torque and horsepower for shattering plateaus in the gym without causing stimulant effects.

Exogenous Ketones — Alternate Ketosis Fuel

Ketones (KETO BHB) are a natural, explosive fuel for mental and physical performance. They are produced by the liver when your body is out of glucose and enters a state of ketosis.

Exogenous ketones provide the following benefits:

1) increased energy
2) reduced appetite and cravings
3) improved cognition
4) accelerated transition into deep ketosis
5) decreased inflammation

You do not have to be on the keto diet to reap the benefits of exogenous ketones. Taking them along with a healthy and high-nutrient diet is guaranteed to increase your repetition limits and allow you to crush personal records.

Exogenous ketones can also be used during fasts to limit hunger pangs and increase energy. When done properly, fasting can take your health and performance to a higher plateau.

Learn More…

Cardarine — World-Class Compound for Fat-Incinerating Workouts

What will you feel on Cardarine while working out? An insane increase in energy and stamina. Also heightened oxygen uptake, improved endurance, and massively increased intensity.

Cardarine mimics what happens to the body during exercise and fasting, triggering a fuel-source switch in skeletal muscle from glucose to fatty acid utilization.

It is not a stimulant or an androgenic substance. And it will not alter the state of your mind or your hormones.

Cardarine is a PPAR (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors) agonist.

It increases the body’s ability to utilize oxygen and fat for energy. It also reduces inflammation and shortens recovery time.

Cardarine skyrockets mitochondrial biogenesis by up to 50 percent when combined with training. Thus, your body’s mitochondria start replicating themselves to produce more energy.

Cardarine will produce meteoric improvements in fitness and body composition. But only if you stick to a high-intensity workout regimen.

Scientific studies on Cardarine, also known as GW501516, show it only takes effect when combined with exercise.

Learn More…

Stenabolic — High-Octane Fuel for Turbocharged Voltage

Stenabolic works by increasing mitochondria, which are the power unit or battery of cells. It will rev up the energy reserves in your body and multiply stamina by colossal proportions.

It works via the REV-ERB pathway, a different mechanism than Cardarine, so it can be stacked synergistically with Cardarine.

It’s important to note that REV-ERB plays a vital role in the body’s management of inflammation. So, if you suffer from asthma, arthritis, or allergies, do not take Stenabolic.

Pro Tip: Maximum cycle time is 12 weeks for Cardarine and Stenabolic. After 12 weeks, take at least 1–2 months break before repeating. The results from this stack will blow your mind.

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Beta-Alanine — Increased Performance Via Delayed Muscle Failure Onset

Beta-alanine delays lactic acid from building up and enables a crucial final burst of energy. It is great for playing sports when the ability to maintain high intensity for longer than your opponent is paramount. It will also help you crush a few extra reps in the gym and finish strong during speed exercises.

Here is how it works. When your muscles approach failure, they begin to fill with lactic acid; this is when they start to burn. Soon after reaching this point, they will have depleted every fuel source.

Beta-alanine plays a crucial role in the production of carnosine; it can increase the amount of carnosine in your muscles by 80%. Carnosine delays lactic acid buildup and, therefore, enables additional reps.

Studies show that beta-alanine can increase stamina and delay exhaustion by 10–15%.

Taking it consistently is crucial, as it will fill your muscles with carnosine cumulatively day by day.

Beta-alanine will increase physical output, leading to elevated performance and increased gains. You will literally feel it begin to take effect when your skin begins to tingle.

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2 Supreme Gems for Unleashing Elevated Cognition and Heightened Creativity

Aniracetam — Boosted Verbal Acuity, Quick-Wittedness, and Creativity

This one is great for reading, writing, and brainstorming. It is superb when stacked with phenylpiracetam.

It will have you knocking presentations and sales pitches out of the park smoothly and with razor-sharp precision.

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Phenibut — Skyrocketed Mood and Anxiety Annihilation

Phenibut was designed for astronauts in high-pressure situations. It blows anxiety out of the water without affecting cognition.

Phenibut turns intense, nerve-racking situations into a walk in the park. You can use it to power-up for presentations, nail sales pitches, or ask hot girls out.

You can also use it to venture out of your comfort zone and grow hundred-pound gorilla nuts.

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MK-677: Amazing Sleep, Colossal Growth, and Rapid Recovery

Increased athletic performance: speed, strength, size 

Ibutamoren, or MK-677, is a growth hormone (HGH) secretagogue.

Rather than introducing the HGH directly into your body, it stimulates your pituitary gland to release it in higher doses. 

Studies have shown that MK-677 can increase human growth hormone levels by up to 42%, so while the mechanism of action differs from that of injectable HGH, the results are still top-notch. 

This compound produces real results without screwing with your body’s natural hormone production. It aids immensely with recovery from workouts and boosts your muscles’ ability to strengthen and grow. 

It turns you into a high-octane machine without the need to inject synthetic hormones into your body. 

Science-Backed Benefits of MK-677 (More Noteworthy Attributes)

Does not suppress testosterone production or endocrine function

Promotes nitrogen retentionwhich is ideal for building muscle

Increases REM sleep

Improves bone growth and metabolism

A microscopic dosage can produce phenomenal muscle gains and insane recovery.

2-4 milligrams at night before bed, 3-4 times per week will do the trick.

You can go up to 10–20mg per day—studies have shown this to be safe. This dosage may come with side-effects though (i.e. lethargy, heightened fear, bloating)

Learn More…

Bonus: 2 Best Books for Ideas About Biohacking and Achieving Beast Mode

Most self-help books are garbage. The following are legit bangers for anybody who wants to achieve far beyond their comfort zone:

Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris

Breaking Out of Homeostasis by Ludvig Sunstrom

Consider these two books coaching guides and blueprints for overachieving and aiming for the stratosphere.

There Are No Magic Shortcuts, The Only Path is Laser Focus

You can systematically destroy your limitations.

Daily doses of discomfort will produce extraordinary results.

Develop supreme focus and perseverance.

You will never become your best if giving a fuck what people think about you rules over your life.

Chisel away day by day by strengthening your mind and body. Stay the course, and you will achieve life-changing mental breakthroughs.

And do not give up no matter what.

The tools and resources in this sheet ignited rockets under my ass, which is why I know they can do the same for you.

You can stop going with the flow and start kicking ass today. Whatever in the world you want to accomplish, there is a first step you need to take.

Find out what it is, then do it. Then get started on the second step.

Each of these gems can help you unleash another gear. If you would like to learn more about how they changed my life, read the following posts:

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Kratom

Best Biohacking Tools for Energy, Motivation, and Rejuvenation

FAQs –

Are These Supplements Legit and Do They Have Side-Effects?

Only supplements with Bonafide life-changing potential are included on this list. They can produce verifiable, observable, and palpable increases in performance and results without having detrimental effects on health and wellbeing.

All supplements can have side-effects if used incorrectly. Avoid experiencing side-effects by using good judgement and sticking with the lowest effective dosage for each compound.

For a more in-depth breakdown on this, read this biohacking chronicles article.

Do You Use These Compounds? What Results Have You Seen?

I have used these supplements for years and buy from the businesses recommended in this post –, Science. bio.

Drastically enhanced energy without stimulant induced jitters

Acutely improved focus and motivation without tunnel vision

Supercharged athleticism and increased stamina

Dramatically decreased anxiety levels without mind-dulling side effects

How Can I Get the Best Results?

If your goal is to get shredded or become an elite athlete, start with the following:  

L-Citrulline DL-Malate 2:1 + Agmatine Sulfate + Beta Alanine + Cardarine

Combine these with high-intensity speed exercises, vertical jump training, and weightlifting.  

Take the appropriate dosages and do the work consistently. 

After an 8–12-week Cardarine cycle, take a break of at least 4 weeks.

MK-677 Will Repair and Restore Your Body from Hardcore Training

The compounds on this list are safe, reliable, and thunderously effective for getting your body into a high-performance and fat-incinerating state.

The only one that can produce substantial side effects is MK-677. In the past, when I used it in higher doses, I felt increases in drowsiness, sleepiness, and fear.

The best method I have found to eliminate side effects is taking a microdose of 2-4 milligrams per night, 3-4 times a week.

My suggestion would be to start at this dose and slowly work your way up to a dosage that feels optimal and produces results.

MK-677 is what I would use in conjunction with speed exercises, vertical jump training, and intense weight training to increase speed and athleticism. I would use it in 1-month intervals after a Cardarine cycle.

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