How to Listen to Binaural Beats Correctly (and Which Kind to Use)

Binaural Beats for Explosive Focus

So, you want to know how to listen to binaural beats correctly. Let’s get right to it.

“Concentrate every minute — like a man — on doing what’s in front of you with precise and genuine seriousness, tenderly, willingly, with justice.” 

— Marcus Aurelius

If achieving maximum focus and concentration was easy, everyone would be rich and successful.

Being able to get down to business with intensity and precision is a skill that few possess in the modern era. Those that can master it will have a massive advantage in life.

Before we get into how to use binaural beats technology…

If you just want to know which focus enhancement technology is the absolute best, I highly recommend because it’s been researched and tested up and down. It’s also a cut above everything else on the market.

How to listen to binaural beats correctly
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Now, let’s delve into my journey through the world of binaural beats.

How I First Heard of The Magical Powers of Binaural Beats

Dr. Eben Alexander is a neurosurgeon who claims to have had a radically transforming experience in the afterlife after contracting a cerebral infection and being pronounced clinically brain-dead.

His sense of purpose and frame of mind shifted so drastically after roaming the celestial valleys of the next world that he sought to recreate its effects using monaural and binaural beats technology, which he developed and named Sacred Acoustics.

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I was on a mission to enter beast mode and go full force after my dreams, so I said fuck it and gave it a shot.

I headed to his website and purchased an Mp3, excited to see what results it would yield. Would I experience the peace and serenity of an enlightened Zen monk during meditation?

The following popped up in my inbox, and I eagerly downloaded the track.

Binaural Beats Anxiety
How to Listen to Binaural Beats Correctly

I was seeking nothing less than hardcore results. And I wanted to become supremely focused with limitless potential.

I clicked play and listened to the transcendental tones as the frequencies seemingly pulsed through my entire being.

As I lay back on my bed, I noticed my state of mind change ever so slightly.

It was intense and relaxing at the same time. “I need to make it through the entire track,” I said. I waited intently for signs or signals that my mood or outlook had shifted, expecting a gentle onset of euphoria and mental expansion.

About thirty minutes later, it was over, and the rest of my day was business as usual.

There was no sense of hyperawareness, and I didn’t feel any more intelligent, vibrant, or energetic than before.

And just like that…

My first attempt at paying for top-notch binaural beats was a bust. I would have to keep looking.

3 Reasons Why My First Endeavor into Binaural Beats Was a Failure

Binaural Beats Anxiety
How to Find High Quality Binaural Beats
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Using binaural beats works but there are various levels of effectiveness.

Technology is a critical component — the frequencies and patterns have to do what they are supposed to — but success ultimately boils down to frequencies, variety, and music quality.

You can think about it like this.

Music is a potent creativity booster, regardless of whether there are binaural beats layered onto it. The reason is that pleasant music sparks dopamine production, which on its own is a powerful motivator.

An excellent playlist supercharges your concentration, even if it does not affect your brainwaves.

However, the best way to guarantee world-class results is by stacking multiple efficacious methods on top of one another.

High-quality beats and superb instrumentals go hand in hand; the former alter your brain waves and the latter rev up your dopamine.

And that is what you call a kickass binaural beats combination.

So, What is Missing from Sacred Acoustics?

1. The sounds and music are intense, but they are not enjoyable in a work setting.

2. You can only buy one track at a time, and whichever track you purchase inevitably gets old.

3. The beats are ideal for guided meditation, but not for focus.

The full spectrum of components is a must if you want bona fide results.

If the question is how to listen to binaural beats correctly, the answer is consistent use, and you can’t do this without next-level music and science-backed frequencies stacked together.

Mind-blowing music with state-of-the-art sound technology will motivate you to listen every single day.

And that will lead to explosive levels of focus.

BlissCoded Sound Was My Next Paid Binaural Beats Adventure (And It Worked)

BlissCoded Sound is my OG playlist for hardcore focus and fast sleep.

It employs a completely unique mechanism of action, and technically does not contain binaural beat technology, but rather sound patterns that model the Fibonacci sequence.

BlissCoded Sound is based on “the golden ratio” or “the divine proportion” — a pattern that repeats often in nature whereby the ratio is 1.618. It can be found in flower petals, pinecones, and even hurricanes and galaxies.

It has hundreds of genuine positive reviews; the sound patterns generate feelings of stillness, peace, and well-being that are ideal for deep meditation.

I remember the night I purchased these, as well as the names of the audio files, Xphirience and Balance Plus.

Xphirience is a 17-minute track — I would usually throw it on repeat when I needed to zone in and be uber-productive.

Interestingly, it also helped me drift off to sleep on many occasions. It actually might be the best option available if you are looking for binaural beats anxiety relief.

Super pack 2.0   contains a number of tracks with different beats, patterns, pulses, and nature sounds.

The titles include the following:

Golden Flow

Golden Sequence


Blissful Rain

Balance Plus

For experienced meditators, BlissCoded Sound might be an excellent addition to your mindfulness regimen.

The only drawback is that there is no music attached, so it’s missing a key component for long-term utility.

You can decide for yourself by trying one of their free samples.

4 Incredibly Effective Options Online That Are Free on YouTube

I wanted to mention a few elite playlists from YouTube.

Below is a batch of elite goodies that can be accessed free of charge:

music to write & study to in 8-hz alpha (focus frequency)

calming music to read & write to | part 1

calming music to read & write to | part 2

Lost Island Press playlists

These compilations are masterful, and they keep me working for hours.

But they are far from the best.

Biohacking Techniques Are Tools for Supercharging Superior Work Ethic

It’s crucial to note that nothing is a substitute for the die-hard drive to utilize every last drop of your potential.

I have ventured deeply into the world of high-octane self-improvement and can honestly say there are few products worth paying for.

It goes without saying that binaural beats can only be used to maximum effect by first knowing how to push yourself to the limits of your concentration.

You can learn how to do so by reading game-changing books like:

You Can’t Hurt Me

Breaking Out of Homeostasis

Tools of Titans

Pound-for-pound, they are more impactful than almost any course out there. They should be mandatory reading for everyone in their 20s and 30s.

With The Proper Guidance, These Tools Will Skyrocket Your Progress

Now, let’s get into how to listen to binaural beats correctly.

There is one company that sits on the cutting-edge of brainwave entrainment technology, and just about blows everything else out of the water.

Let me explain why.

How to Use The Ultimate Gold Standard in Brain Entrainment

binaural beats anxiety
The Cutting-Edge of Brainwave Entrainment Technology

The badass music is created by real-life composers, then layered with scientifically verified neural phase-locking technology.

Thus, several factors align for jaw-dropping results:

1) High-octane sounds across myriad genres.

2) Potent technology that takes effect instantly.

3) Unmatched variability and versatility

4) Customized beats for focus, relaxation, or sleep.

5) Countless styles and tempos of music for supreme novelty.

Choose from creativity, learning, deep work, recharge, relaxation, sleep, unguided mediation, or power nap.

You can also customize the voltage or strength of the phase-locking for each category. I keep mine on high.

binaural beats anxiety
How to Listen to Binaural Beats Correctly

I prefer soothing nature sounds in the morning. I usually go with atmospheric, classical, or electronic in the afternoon.

There are endless options for stress-free nature sounds too….

In their quest for the revolutionary focus-enhancing technology, they have gone above and beyond to create a sublime product.

Whether you like hip-hop, lo-fi, classical, or electric, the sound patterns are engineered to light up your brain.

How to listen to Binaural Beats Correctly
Human Innovation and Science-Backed Symphonies Produce Next-Level Effects

From case studies to the studio, brain entrainment music like has never been seen before. You can read the research for yourself.

They even have EEG and blood flow studies that show heightened activity in the brain within 5 minutes.

How to use binaural beats correctly

As with BlissCoded Sound, it’s important to mention that is a distinct technology that does not contain binaural beats in the technical sense.

The team of experts at have combined the emotionally uplifting effects of real music and the focus-enhancing capacity of their patented technology called “phase-locking.”

This Creates a More Powerful Effect Than Regular Binaural Beats

How to listen to binaural beats correctly
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Now that you know which binaural beats to use for upper echelon effects, let’s briefly discuss how to use them for maximum efficacy.

Here is One Last Step for Explosive Results Over the Long-Term

If you want outstanding results from binaural beats, the first order of business is choosing the best technology. The next is listening every day.

Be conscious of your breath when you listen too.

You can practice this by taking the first 5 minutes of the track to notice your breath, and perhaps even observe your stomach rising and falling with each inhale and exhale.

The more in tune with your breathing, the more focused you will become, and this heightens your chances of entering flow state.

Repeat This Process Daily and You Will Achieve Amazing Feats

We all want to achieve indomitable concentration and unwavering willpower. But as you probably noticed, these qualities don’t come easy.

Pursuing life-changing strategies for personal development and supercharging performance is a passion of mine.

If you found this post useful, there is a great chance you will benefit from some of my other recommendations.

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