How to Transmute Sex Energy (And Improve Your Life)

Maximize Sex Energy

Popular culture is saturated with sex.

Thanks to the booty shorts and yoga pants explosion, voluptuous asses are in abundance around the world.

The internet is rich in erection-inducing optics (on Facebook, Instagram, and other ‘gentleman’s websites’).

But despite the steady bombardment of erotic content, most men have a chronically low sex drive and performance anxiety.

They turn to Viagra, Cialis, and booze to alleviate symptoms of erectile dysfunction, temporarily masking their impotence just long enough to penetrate and perform without embarrassing themselves.

One of The Lowlights of My Life (25 And Impotent)

In the break room at work one day, I saw a Viagra commercial. “150 million men suffer from erectile disfunction, increasingly including men under age 40”, they said.

Just a short while later, I was one of them.

I had a date with a luscious southern blonde, and after we moved to her bedroom and I removed all her clothes, I found myself unable to get hard.

“Sorry, I’m exhausted,” I said.

“It’s okay,” she whispered with a smile on her face — the type of smile a woman makes for a little boy who made a boo-boo.

As I lay there expressionless with my dick in my hand, the truth hit me like a pile of bricks.

I was fucked, and only I was to blame.

The Succubus Demon That Devours Many Souls

AKA Porn.

There’s no need for guilt. You are genetically predisposed to be turned on by porn.

I observed many a night as an eastern European girl got plowed by a well-endowed black man equipped like a wild stallion.

Porn offers a limitless supply of such scenes with the most seductive females on earth. It can be quite entertaining to watch.

This doesn’t change the fact that porn turns you into a feeble shell of a man with pathetically low dopamine and testosterone levels.

The Truth Can Be a Painful Pill to Swallow

Like a meth fiend, you will develop a tolerance to the dopamine high from your dirty little habit and will need ever more perverse scenes to satisfy your cravings.

One Reddit thread labeled A GENUINE WARNING FROM A LOST SOUL WITH GOOD INTENTIONS reads as follows.

“I masturbated just about every day for the next 6 years, managing to keep my life together outwardly before I found the dreaded combination at 18: Amphetamines, edibles, and reprehensible porn viewing.”

“In three years I went from “I can’t watch gay porn that’s gross I don’t like dicks” to exhibiting submissive big dick worship behavior until I climax.

“You can laugh and say it’ll never happen to you and that you’re more normal than me, but I cannot stress to you enough how normal I was before this whole mess began. Perfect childhood, loving parents, and many positive role models in my life.”

While you may not suffer the same agonizing fate as the guy above, you will undoubtedly waste (and ejaculate) your precious time and energy away.

The Most Potent Vitality Serum On Earth Is Free

It’s not a magic potion or a pill.

It’s your libido.

Your sex energy is the most potent source of vitality and inspiration in the history of mankind.

You could leverage this energy to become legendary.

You could be building a business, making gains in the gym, and meeting REAL women.

Instead, you trade your life-force and virility for a few seconds of idiotic pleasure.

Porn Extinguishes Your Killer Instinct (And Pisses On The Ashes)

Porn is kryptonite for your masculinity and self-worth.

Here’s why.

Healthy dopamine levels are essential for winning in life and achieving mastery in any craft. A few of the benefits of optimal dopamine are:

  • Motivation
  • Memory and Learning
  • Social Extroversion
  • Creativity
  • Sex Drive
  • Confidence

But guess what?

Any time you blow your load to porn, you cause your dopamine to crash lower than a deep-sea urchin’s shit.

This is why you become weak, feckless, and unmotivated after masturbating to porn.

Stop watching porn immediately. The jury is out on this malignant pastime and the results are shocking.

The porn addict’s mind is submerged in fabrications that have no relation to real-life scenarios. He compares his daily grind to the exaggerations of internet posers, and his dopamine receptors are fried from clicking through one scene after another.

This is not your natural state.

You were born with the killer instinct to succeed and find sexually available women to connect and mate with. You may not realize it now, but it is there.

Quitting porn is the crucial first step in using your sex energy to become an uber-confident and superior man.

A Taste of Death: The Masturbator’s Curse

“Pleasure from the senses seems like nectar at first, but is bitter as poison in the end.” — The Bhagavad Gita

The French coined the phrase ‘La Petit Mort’ or ‘the little death.’ This refers to the loss or weakening of consciousness that occurs after orgasm.

Little death from masturbation is a momentum slaughterer that should be avoided at all costs.

Never masturbate, ever again.

Wanking is an unproductive habit that will keep you wishing for the rest of your life.

The reason is simple.

Your mind and body are constantly lying to you. They are trying to keep you safe and stagnant, which is why you are a slave to fear and instant gratification.

Purposely subject yourself to delayed gratification, discomfort, failure, and rejection, and you will begin to defeat your homeostasis (the ancient biological mechanism that seeks desperately to keep you safe from all risks at all times, thereby sucking all adventure and excitement out of your life).

Breaking homeostasis is crucial for reaching your highest potential and living your best life.

You can learn more about it by reading Ludvig Sunstrom’s awesome book, BOOH.

Sexual Transmutation

Sexual Transmutation: From Sex Desire to Willpower

To quote Napoleon Hill from the legendary book Think and Grow Rich,

“Sex transmutation is simple and easily explained. It means the switching of the mind from thoughts of physical expression, to thoughts of some other nature.”

“When driven by this desire, men develop keenness of imagination, courage, will-power, persistence, and creative ability unknown to them at other times.”

You can transform sex energy into an intense inner drive to accomplish your goals by changing your perspective on sexual impulses.

How To Get Started: The Fundamentals of Sexual Transmutation

Once you’ve said goodbye to porn and masturbation, the next step is…

Stop daydreaming about fucking girls.

Focus instead on channeling your sexual energy so you’ll dare to talk to and escalate with attractive women, as well as other rewarding but scary activities.

Sexual Energy Originates In The Lower Chakras

Sex Energy
The Magic Happens When You Channel Sex Energy Into Higher Chakras

This is how you do it.

When sexual tension starts to build in your crotch and abdomen, squeeze your PC muscle (the same muscle you use to cut urine flow) and try to breathe the energy upward towards your chest.

Master moving the energy from your nuts to your heart without fantasizing, and focus on a feeling of unconditional love while you do it.

Scott Jeffrey breaks sexual transmutation down with precision, but this post is more than enough for a beginner.

The Best Skill for Radical Success: Conquering Your Emotions

“I gave you my all, from my mind and body to my spirit and soul.” — Kobe Bryant

Your feelings are the farthest thing imaginable from reality, and they will lead you astray if taken at face value.

This is why over and over again, research has shown that emotional intelligence (the ability to perceive emotions rationally and react strategically towards positive outcomes) is the single greatest indicator of success.

This is not about blocking emotions. The goal of emotional intelligence building (and sexual transmutation) is to feel as much as possible without attaching to thoughts or seeking a release.

Doing this will quiet mental chatter and activate your intuition, making you better at absolutely everything you do.

How many times have you heard the expression ‘he has ice water in his veins’ describing a superachiever who is calm and collected when others would be trembling in fear or exploding with anger.

Elite performers like Ayrton Senna and The Black Mamba expanded their emotional capacity to endure the magnitude of the moment.

They accomplished this with tons of repetition, which was only made possible by complete surrender through the love of their craft.

The Affliction of A Choke Artist: Are You Afraid Of The Moment?

“If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim; If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster. And treat those two impostors just the same”  — Rudyard Kipling

Your body is a vessel that has energetic limits. This is why you self-sabotage when you feel too much sensation.

Perhaps the bombshell that is talking to you at the bar is a little out of your league, so instead of stepping your game up, you decide to go to another bar because “this place is too crowded.”

How about the mid-range jumper that is automatic in practice but somehow becomes impossible to make when the scouts are around?

Why do you instantaneously become boring and cringy around the most attractive girls, fumbling your words and acting like a scared little bitch?

This is quite normal.

The closer you get to your ultimate desires, the greater the energetic tension grows. The sensations become palpable. It doesn’t feel good. It’s scary.

But there is a solution.

You Are A Human Conductor of Energy: How To Increase Your Voltage

As you draw near to your energetic edge, the tendency is to discharge the tension with one of the following methods of self-sabotage:

  1. Punk Out – you willingly forgo an opportunity for growth. Instead of saving the energy for your next chance, you discharge it on an insignificant, less-rewarding activity.

Example: Jack has been seeing a brunett bombshell named Erika who has all the qualities of his ideal lover. Jack is trying his best to deal with the growing excitement and tension within, but the discomfort is tremendous. The weekend arrives and he decides to blow off some steam with a group of friends. He gets trashed and hooks up with a booty call that he has no interest in. “I just felt like partying this weekend”, he tells himself.

2. Veg Out – you decide to do nothing so as to avoid discomfort. Instead of taking small steps to correct course, you give up indefinitely, wasting months or years of precious time.

Example: Fernando is working at a prestigous accounting firm and earning a great salary in his mid-twenties. His parents are proud of him. He has a beautiful girlfriend and plenty of  friends. And he just bought his dream home. There’s only one problem —  he is miserable in his career and deeply unfulfilled in life. He knows things could be much better if he just changed jobs, but he doesn’t want to go through the discomfort of learning new skills. He begins drinking and vegging out everyday after work, watching Youtube into the late hours of the night. He rationalizes his lack of action with something like, “most people would love to be in my position”.

3. Bail Out – you create a logical and convenient excuse for why you can’t pursue the path of the most growth. These tend to make a lot of sense but are nothing more than self-deception.

Example: Frankie has dedicated himself to a path of personal growth and unconventional challenges.  After diligently researching the most effective cold-approach techniques, he sets up a plan of attack to improve his pickup skills.  He meets his goal of talking to ten girls a day during his first month of action, albeit with little success at scoring dates. He enjoys a challenge, but this is a tough game. It’s not easy getting rejected so frequently. Without warning, a pandemic surges in America and social distancing is implemented nation-wide. Frankie gives up, rationalizing his submission with “society is changing and I don’t want to risk my health”. He has created a clever excuse to avoid the sting of rejection and bail on his dreams.

Making The Best Decision Is A Win No Matter What Happens

Neglecting emotional awareness will wreak havoc on your dreams.

Jack could have invited his dream girl over and taken things up a notch. His capacity for success with women would have increased dramatically, regardless of the outcome. 

Fernando could have gotten started on building a more gratifying life with as little as one hour a day.

Frankie knows deep down that his excuse for quitting the pickup game is a load of bullshit. Even if conventional methods of cold-approach have been temporarily interrupted, he can certainly find ways to keep working on the craft.

It all comes down to mastering sensations and emotions, so you can take the path of most growth at every opportunity. This practice is not always easy, but it will revolutionize your life.



Supercharge Your Sex Energy With Natural Aphrodisiacs

It’s a shame more men don’t take adaptogenic herbs and aphrodisiacs to increase and replenish sex drive.

Here are a few of my favorites.

  • Maca — This Andean herb is loaded with vitamins, amino acids, and nutrients. It was considered sacred in Incan culture and is commonly referred to as Peruvian ginseng due to its libido-enhancing effects. You can buy a super potent maca extract at Lively Mood.
  • Ginseng — This plant has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It will also make a person horny AF. I recommend Prince of Peace’s ultra-enhanced red Panax ginseng shots.
  • Phenibut — This aphrodisiac is guaranteed to loosen you up and get you in the mood. It will give you tons of confidence and charisma without the intoxicating effect of other forms of liquid courage. Nootropics Depot is my go-to source for premium Phenibut.

Best practices for the supplements: 

Adaptogens change the way your body functions (instead of band-aiding symptoms like pharmaceuticals). Give the maca and ginseng a couple of weeks to kick your libido into overdrive. If you are an otherwise healthy individual, you will feel a dramatic rise in sexual desire when they begin to take effect.

Phenibut is probably the best compound available in terms of mood elevation and increasing feelings of well-being. It will make just about everything more enjoyable, including sex (also music, exercise, writing, reading, and socializing). This gem should be reserved for special occasions (or a maximum of two days per week).

The Truth Shall Set You Free (And Transform You Into a Sex Machine)

You were led to believe sex desire is purely physical and has only one benefit: release through orgasm.

But that is bullshit.

They sold you this version of sex to make you docile. The psychologists who introduced sex into marketing knew the power of sex energy, so they decided to take it away from you and use it against you.

They conveniently left out that properly channeled sex energy is a potent elixir for motivation, creativity, masculinity, and success.

When you learn to leverage sexual energy, you supercharge your life.

Nicola Tesla once said, “if you wish to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

When you transmute your sex energy, everything is done at an exponentially higher voltage.

Your sexual ferocity will increase tenfold.

You will enter flow state (hyperfocus) quickly and more often, which is how masterpieces get crafted.

You will become a more intense and dominant man in the bedroom and in life.

Your voice will get deeper.

You will have more confidence to talk to attractive girls.

You will thank yourself for finding this new source of vital energy and enriching your experience of life.

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