How To Get a Girl’s Attention (9 Guaranteed Ways to Be More Attractive Today)

How to Get a Girl's Attention

So, you want to know how to get a girl’s attention?

Whether you are crushing on the beautiful girl in your class or want to meet sexy women out in the streets, making a good first impression is always crucial.

It’s true that looks can only get you so far…

But there are things any guy can do to stand out in a crowd. When you put them into practice, you will become more attractive to most woman around you.

Here’s how you boost your masculine mojo and pull some breathtaking bombshells into your life.

Easy Tricks That Will Make You More Attractive in A Couple of Days

Every girl has unique preferences and turn-ons.

But there are certain characteristics that will hit the proverbial spot for a shit ton of women.

We have all heard of the term “tall, dark and handsome.” Indeed, women are often extremely attracted to men that are not only tall, but also of darker complexion.

There is research that suggests this is because darker skin is subconsciously associated with sex, virility, mystery, villainy and danger.

The reason doesn’t really matter though.

The opposite sex has a soft spot for seductive skin pigmentation.

Whether you get yours at the park, the beach, or in a booth, toasty caramel skin will create hardcore sexual tension with the ladies.

Marvelous Tans Do Make Girls Horny (Its A Proven Fact)

Tall-Dark-And-Handsome is how to get a girls attention
How to Get a Girl’s Attention

Place some awe, mystery, and dirty thoughts in her head with a juicy tan.

Yes, Height Makes a Big Difference (How to Get a Girl’s Attention Tip #2)

It is undeniable that height has massive appeal with the females.

If you are wondering how to get a girl’s attention, you need to consider boosting your height, especially if you are less than six feet tall.

This one variable will provide a massive advantage when you are cold-approaching women.

You should use every advantage at your disposal to gain momentum.

Of course, height is not everything.

After all, women heavily favor authentically confident men (and most guys aren’t confident).

This is an important point to remember along the way, but this post is about how to get a girl’s attention.

Increasing Your Height Is a lot Easier Than You Think (Hint: No Drugs Required)

The novelty of suddenly feeling taller and being perceived as such (going from 5″10′ to 6″1′) is a powerful motivator.

Whatever your height is, you can easily increase it 2 or 3 inches by using “elevator” shoes or height-boosting shoe inserts. The trick is to be discrete, so it looks natural.

Here are a few high-quality brands to consider:

  • Calden (sizes up to 11.5″)
  • Calto (sizes up to 11.5″)
  • Toto (sizes up to 11.5″)
Dress Shoes That Increase Height
Calto Dress Shoes (2.8 Inches Taller)

Browse more shoes from Calto here.

How to get a girl's attention
Toto Casual Shoes (2.4 Inches Taller)

Browse more shoes from Toto here.

How To Get a Girl's Attention
Calden Sneakers (2.4 Inches Taller)

Browse more shoes from Calden here.

The style of this last pair looks a lot like my all-time favorite sneakers, the Nike Air Max.

Air max shoes use technology called pressurized air cushioning which adds about an inch and a half of height in the midsole.

And this leads us to my personal go-to method for increasing height.

Increase your height 2 1/2 inches by wearing Nike Air Max with height-increasing shoe inserts.

How to Get a Girl's Attention by Being Taller
Nike Air Maxes with Inserts Will Increase Your Height By 2 1/2 Inches

Height Boosting Inserts Are a Phenomenal Option for Name Brand Shoes

How to get a girl's attention
ERGO Inserts Can Add 1.2, and Maybe Even 2 Inches to Your Height

You can get these shoe inserts for about $15.

Stick to using the first couple of increments to avoid discomfort and noticeability.

Once the inserts are visible, it completely defeats the purpose since the goal is to keep it looking natural.

Hollywood celebrities like Brad Pitt (5’11”) and Robert Downey Jr. (5’9″), and many more wear elevator shoes all the time – they don’t give a fuck, and neither should you.

How to get a girl's attention
Brad Pitt Wearing Elevator Shoes 

How To Dress Like a Cold-Blooded Boss (And Look Unique Too)

Whatever your best colors are, you should wear them often, especially when planning to meet women.

How to Maximize Your Looks and get a girl's attention
Wearing Your Most Attractive Colors Is an Easy Way to Maximize Appeal

Here are a couple of additional guidelines that will supercharge your swag factor.


1) Don’t dress like your everyday regular nice guy when you are trying to get a girl’s attention.

2) Dress in a way the makes you stand out because it looks sharp as fuck and different from the crowd.

3) Never look like you are trying too hard.


Warning: Dressing Like a Regular Nice Guy Will Make You Look Average

This usually entails wearing a t-shirt of some sort or a plane collar shirt with loose-fitting jeans and run-of-the-mill sneakers.

At best, the “regular guy look” makes you blend in with the crowd. At worst, it makes you look like a full-grown man-child.

How To Get a Girl's Attention
Charlie Brown Style is NOT How to Get a Girl’s Attention

Charlie is a rather cute fellow, but sexy women will be more likely to pet him rather than feel strongly attracted to him.

The same goes for regular Joe.

Good Old Regular Joe
Regular Joe Look is NOT How to Get a Girl’s Attention

Regular Joe’s attire is plain and boring. His utter lack of creativity will make him invisible.

Why You Can Look Like a Badass with a Little Extra Effort

When you look and act like you are a “somebody,” people will assume you are a cut above the rest of the population.

But all this talk of acquiring a smooth, unique, and different style begs the question:

How do you do it?

The truth is that dressing like a high-status, ultra-confident male is not rocket science.

The Best Casual but Sharp and Stylish Long Sleeve Shirts

Option #1 – Cuts Clothing Apparel

How to Get a Girl's Attention
Cuts Clothing’s Premium-Quality Fitted Shirts

Look compelling in your t-shirts, collar shirts, long-sleeves, and hoodies by wearing fitted threads. 

Option #2 – Under Amour Half-Zips and Polos

How to Get a Girl's Attention
Elite Under Armour Polos That Will Make You Look Like a Solid MFer

Under Armour produces swanky apparel that makes it easy to look like a smooth and solid alpha male. View designs right here

Option #3 –Young LA Long Sleeves

how to get a girl's attention
Young LA Offers Stunning Attire That Will Make You Look Legendary

Check out more of their dope threads right here.

The Best Designer Clothing for Men (How to Look Like an Elegant Casanova)

Option #1 – ZARA

For a spiffed-up elegant style, you can check out ZARA. Their selection looks exclusive and sharp when rocked appropriately.

Option #2 – Young LA

Their items accentuate manly features while providing a modern and athletic aesthetic that women gawk over. 

Option #3 –BYLT Basics

Hip and fitted clothing for men.

Summary: Wear colors that look good on you, flaunt clothing that is fitted and that accentuates your best features, and never look like you are trying too hard.

By the way, you don’t need to have a ton of clothes.

Grab a few pieces that make you look good and wear those often.

Wear Dope and Dapper Accessories to Look Like a Man of Distinction

Mastering accessories will make you look like a shot-caller, leader, and a guy women want to be with.

The top accessories for guys will be glasses, necklaces, watches, bracelets, earrings, and tattoos

You will need to practice proper diligence to not overdo it but getting it just right will have a colossal impact on your swag factor.

For a quick example of proper execution, view the Young LA model above.

Highlight Your Facial Structure to Look More Rugged, Handsome, And Manly

Women are attracted to masculine facial features such as high cheekbones, a strong jawline, and an asymmetrical face.

These attributes register deep in her psyche, so guys with pronounced facial features have a huge advantage at getting a girl’s attention.  

How to get a girl's attention
Astonishing Facial Structure Upgrade and Appearance Transformation from Weight-Loss

Don’t underestimate the benefits of a chiseled face. It will make you look like a handsome mother fucker.

Most cases of facial bloating are caused by one or a combination of the following factors:

1) high sodium intake and low levels of potassium

2) chronic dehydration

3) carbohydrate-rich diet

You can shed unwanted water-weight by drinking a gallon of water each day and increasing your levels of potassium (a water pill will make the latter easy).

Low-carb diets eliminate tons of water weight. And if you are truly dedicated to looking your best, you can go on a fat-shredding diet.

A Clean-Cut Haircut and Well-Groomed Facial Hair Can Turn A 7 into a 9

The best strategy is to get a talented hairstylist and pay around $65 for a top-notch cut.

Have them find a haircut and facial hairstyle that works for you, then keep it pruned to perfection.

The magic is in the details. A man with a smoothly tapered fade and freshly trimmed fringes exudes charisma and looks ravishing to girls.

Every guy knows he looks sharp with a fresh cut.

Maintaining one at all times will set you apart from the crowd and give you a massive advantage when you are out in the field.

And, so you know, research shows that women favor the stubble look because it looks rugged and masculine.

Women Like Masculine Voices (How to Cultivate a Deep Denzel Washington Tone)

deep and relaxed masculine voice is attractive to women. 

Like most men, there is a good chance you usually speak in a higher pitch than your natural voice.

Stress, anxiety, excitement, or a desire to appear friendly and likable cause many of us to rush our speaking patterns and strain out our words.


If this is the case for you, you can deepen your voice by practicing mindfulness and making an effort to speak in a relaxed, natural tone. 

But what if you don’t already have a deep voice?

Higher levels of testosterone will deepen your voice in a striking manner after only a few months. 

In today’s day and age, men tend to have catastrophically low testosterone, mostly due to environmental factors and food selection. 

There are various effective ways you could go about increasing your testosterone levels.

A clean diet and an estrogen blocker will work wonders.

I’ll leave further research up to you.

Smile Like a Man, not a Little Boy (Girls Will Think It’s Hotter)

Smiling makes you more attractive to girls, but it depends greatly on the type of smile.

A wide-eyed smile that extends from ear to ear will make you look extra friendly, but it is unlikely to be attractive to a hot girl.

Thus, when your smile is directed towards a sexy girl that you just met, use a charming, reserved and warm variation.

Keeping your lips together and slightly raising your eyebrows will work for most scenarios with an exquisite-looking babe.

You can go a little farther than a closed-mouth smile for girls that you already know, but still keep the smile under control.

Women find serious faces attractive too, so don’t be afraid to look serious, intense, focused, etc.

When you control your smiles, you send a subconscious message that you can get down to business when necessary.

It will help you with everything you do, including how to get a girl’s attention.

On a side note, delving into your pain and learning from the darker side of life is a crucial step in becoming a man.

For a deeper understanding of this life-changing concept, learn about integrating your shadow.

How To Make Her Obsess Over You (Juxtapositions Are a Girls Wet Dream)

It’s true.

Juxtapositions make girls wet.

A juxtaposition is like a paradox in your character. It has to do with two or more aspects of you that have a contrasting effect. It makes you intriguing and interesting.

We are all unique beings with contrasting talents, desires, and interests. And you probably have a myriad of juxtapositions. 

Most guys have seen this in action as early as junior high when the bad boys begin winning the attention of the prettiest girls in school.

You also find the bad boy archetype used time and again in pop culture.

The Guns and Roses, Velvet Revolver, Poison, and countless other bands have this concept woven into their band names. They all play on the rebellious yet sensitive and romantic archetype (aka the “bad boy”).

2pac was a rapper, an inmate, a “gangster”, a poet, an actor, and an activist – that is some next-level juxtaposition game.

But you don’t need to be a “bad boy”, an artist, a star athlete, or a drug dealer to get chicks to dig you intensely.

Find your juxtapositions and flaunt them openly when you meet a girl.

As long as your juxtapositions come from the heart, they will appeal strongly to some girls.

You could be a tough guy and a fighter who loves Jesus. Or a sweet and romantic lover who can fuck a girl’s brains out in all of the freakiest positions. Or an accountant that parties like a rockstar and plays the guitar.

Here are a few more examples:

The popular kid that cares deeply for underprivileged youth and takes a proactive approach to help them

The successful entrepreneur who paints, writes poetry, and sees immense beauty in the little things in life

The nerdy intellectual that loves to read and code and also has a ripped physique from going hard in the gym every day

The strong and silent type that has strong fashion IQ, doesn’t care about following the crowd, has tons of tattoos, and is exceptionally kind and caring to his loved ones

The ultra-driven dude that is unphased by showing vulnerability, has astounding levels of spirituality and compassion, and also uses recreational drugs

The high-powered and super-talented professional that is painfully honest about his struggles with depression

Finding your juxtapositions is about self-discovery.

When you are living your most authentic life and expressing yourself in the realest and rawest way possible, there is a certain edginess that comes through.

Authentic Juxtapositions Will 100x Your Sex Appeal (And Keep Women Interested)

This is gold in the quest for how to get a girl’s attention.

The edgiest guys with the boldest juxtapositions are usually free spirits that don’t care about following the crowd.

These guys pursue their own interests, learning what invigorates them at an early age and avoiding activities that don’t align with their unique passions. 

But most men do precisely the opposite. They go along with the heard for so long that they become dull, ordinary, and boring.

Stop doing shit you don’t feel like doing. Then stop hanging out with people you don’t want to be around. 

When you do things that you don’t want to do, it is usually because of an underlying desire to gain acceptance or have false security. These are powerful subconscious impulses, but they can be overcome.

If you want to break out of your comfort zone and discover your ultimate potential, the best methods I have found are Breaking Out of Homeostasis and The Sedona Method

Only For Guys That Want to Execute (How to Take it to the Next Level)

Men look for sultry physiques, hour-glass figures, and curvaceous silhouettes but women take many more variables into consideration. And they are primarily scanning for confidence.

You still have to do the work.

It comes down to approaching girls with congruence and confident body language.

And the only way to perfect your craft is to practice until you don’t care about rejection anymore.

The harsh truth is that most guys will never even get started…

Like little bitches, they are afraid of getting judged and rejected. This doesn’t have to be you.

You can pull hot girls even if you are shy and introverted as long as you are willing to put in the work.

You can study this shit for years and ponder back and forth about the best pickup lines, but it is ultimately a numbers game. If you want to succeed, you will need to get rejected by a lot of girls.

If you have the courage to get through rejections and keep going, there will come a point when you no longer care.

Picking up the sexiest ladies is much like any other skill you can think of. Only a select few are so naturally gifted that it will come easy, and the rest will have to work for it.

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