How to Fast Successfully: 3 Tips for Insane 36-Hour Fast Benefits

Benefits of Fasting 36 Hours

In case you haven’t heard, 36-hour fast benefits are legit, far beyond the lackluster results delivered by the latest fad diets or gimmicky workout equipment.

Fasting is a powerful habit that will supercharge your brain, strengthen your willpower, and help you develop a top-notch body that others could only ever dream of attaining.

It may be challenging at first, but it will have insane implications for your ambitions and aspirations.

I’ll show you how to master it straight out of the gate, so you can get to achieving monumental feats and hardcore fat loss.

You Want to Build an Amazing Body and Outrageously Successful Life?

The benefits of fasting will blow your mind.

Besides acquiring a ripped physique and the concentration of a Buddhist monk, fasting will supercharge your performance in various ways.

Fasting is good for your heart. It can boost human growth hormone production by up to 300%, which has enormous implications for training, recovery, and longevity. And reduced insulin levels brought on by fasting will also ignite rapid fat incineration.

Once you get through the initial hunger pangs, 36-hour fasts drastically reduce anxiety and induce a calm sense of well-being that lasts for days, even after you start eating again.

36-hour fast benefits will provide a drastic reduction in inflammation and food cravings, which will catapult you further towards insane levels of mental and physical fitness.

Last but not least, fasting is an insanely effective way to break homeostasis, which is the key to revolutionary and life-changing personal growth.

How 36-Hour Fast Benefits Power Extreme Willpower and Hardcore Breakthroughs

The extraordinary physiological effects of fasting have been researched and documented, but the most advantageous part of fasting is its effects on your mind and psychology.

How so?

Your aspirations are not much different than that of every other male.

They probably go something like this.

Money to travel and live like a boss


A stunning beauty on your arm with whom you can make babies


A mind and body that are sharp, energetic, and attractive AF


Freedom to live your desired lifestyle

These are excellent ambitions, but few men will ever obtain them.

The reason is that most guys are unwilling to do things which make them feel scared or uncomfortable, so they languish in mediocrity.

That is the difference between a legend and just another ordinary guy.

It boils down to undertaking scary tasks and enduring hardships, over and over again.

Want to Know How to Be Successful? Do The Opposite of What Everyone Else Does

The scariest and most uncomfortable activities have the highest return on investment.

Doing scary shit is paramount…

What you can do comfortably will never move the needle. If you want the finer things in life, you need to be able persevere and thrive despite pain, pressure, and intensity.

In stark contrast, society teaches us to be docile, weak, and impatient.

They indoctrinate us to seek comfort and acceptance instead of training ourselves to pursue the path of most growth (. i.e., failure, rejection, discomfort).

This is why 36-hour fast benefits can be leveraged for high-octane performance and reaching higher plateaus.

36-Hour Fast Benefits Cultivate Hardcore Precision, Perseverance, and Patience

Your DNA is coded with a governor that seeks to protect you from unnecessary risk, and if you don’t learn how to combat it, you will never reach your highest potential.

It kicks in when you see a beautiful girl or sense an excellent opportunity. If you play sports, it is that voice and feeling of tension deep down whispering, “I can’t handle this. This isn’t for me. I’d rather pass the ball.”

It’s the feeling of dread before an interview, the angst that accompanies uncertainty, and the strong desire to retreat after leaving your comfort zone. 

This voice is utter bullshit and should be treated as such. However, there are few strategies for overcoming imposter syndrome besides seeking out severely uncomfortable situations and taking them on despite fear.

The 36-hour fast is one such method for cultivating superior tenacity, drive, and willpower because your physiology will fight tooth and nail to get you to eat; it will do this by releasing hormones that create hunger and mood swings. It will make you feel even more inadequate than you already think you are.

Overcome the temptation, stick it out, and keep going anyway. When you do, voila, homeostasis is broken, and you have unlocked your second gear.

Then you can get started on the second level of fear-conquering…

Here are a few options:

Start a conversation with the sexiest girl in the room every chance you get

Locate the stunner in the room and say hi. Stay as calm as you can and try to have an authentic, confident conversation. If you fuck up or if she blows you off, all the better.

Read above your level of difficulty, and try to master the concepts 

Study the material with the intent to form an in-depth understanding. If you do this consistently, you will develop a razor-sharp mind.

Ask for help even when you are embarrassed to do so

Do it every time you feel like you need it.

Make a YouTube video, then leave it up for everyone to see

You can start with a super-short video, then increase the length by a little every week.

Enroll in an acting or public speaking course

Or any other topic that is psychologically challenging.

Practice more vulnerability than you are comfortable with

Admit when you are sad, anxious, insecure, etc. If not to close friends and family, at least to yourself.


There is always a chance of failure, but that’s precisely the point…

The secret to entering into your fullest potential is finding ways to hit the off switch on your homeostasis. This practice is otherwise known as methodically doing scary and uncomfortable shit for the sport of it.

Fasting is your warmup routine.

Every time you perform such a task, you become stronger and more resilient. Your capacity to endure hardship increases.

Breaking homeostasis every day will change your life and fasting is a powerful method by which you can achieve it.

How to Get Through Your Fasts with Ease (And Step Towards Greatness)

As with 36-hour fast benefits, activities that are worthwhile and produce the most incredible results can actually feel quite shitty at first.

It is like layering bricks on a wall – you may not perceive the results when first getting started, but over time the results will be astonishing.

All you have to do is get through a 36-hour fast once a week, then get to work on the other strategies.

If you want to learn more about fasting, you can check out my previous post where I went balls deep.

Otherwise, here are some surefire tips on how to succeed right out of the and reap kick-ass 36-hour fast benefits right away.

Fasting Tip # 1: Phenibut Will Make You Cool, Calm, And Collected (Focused Too)

Phenibut is one of my all-time favorites for a variety of reasons. It’s an astounding compound that was invented for astronauts so they could stay focused during crisis-like situations.  And it works just like it should (great for fasting too!).

This supplement is second-to-none when it comes to providing extra confidence, swag, and focus. It will blast away all anxiety and tension that usually surface during a first attempt at fasting.

Phenibut is an extraordinary aid for your fasting days. It can also be leveraged to great effect when working on other homeostasis-breaking activities.

Fasting Tip # 2: Use Exogenous Ketones as An Alternate Source of Energy

Exogenous ketones (KETO BHB) are a natural, explosive form of fuel for mental and physical performance.

They accelerate transition into deep ketosis and provide the following benefits:

1) increased energy
2) reduced appetite and cravings
3) improved cognition
4) accelerated transition into deep ketosis
5) decreased inflammation

Keto BHB is highly effective for high-octane workouts and elevated concentration. It will also make fasting a whole lot easier.

Fasting Tip #3: Phenylpiracetam Promotes Laser Focus and Suppressed Appetite

Phenylpiracetam will make you mighty and quick-witted without any typical side effects of hardcore stimulants. 

Phenylpiracetam is like nitrous oxide for your mitochondria, exponentially boosting cellular energy and therefore cognitive performance.

It is my favorite cognitive enhancer of all time, and it helps out tremendously during a fast.

The Number One Skill for Creating an Amazing Life (And Becoming Unstoppable)

This is a practical and straightforward blueprint for mind-blowing success and colossal achievement…

All you have to do is get to work.

The confidence, clarity of mind, and increase in well-being you get from 36-hour fast benefits will generate momentum for additional breakthroughs.

If you want to delve deeply into testing your limits, I highly recommend Ludvig Sunstrom’s revolutionary book, Breaking Homeostasis.

This tried-and-true approach is guaranteed to produce jaw-dropping results. As such, it is one of the most important books you will ever read.

So, there you have it.

Fast for 36 hours once a week, then crush your homeostasis daily.

Keep going even when you want to give up. Maintain an open mind even when the struggle doesn’t feel good. Cultivate momentum at every opportunity and take on challenges precisely because they are hard.

When you live like this, you achieve mastery of the body and mind.  And you accomplish the impossible one step at a time.

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