How to Conquer Keto Like a Boss (For Beginners)

Get Ripped on Keto

American society demands perfection, yet we are the fattest nation in the entire world. This is probably why the keto movement has grown by epic proportions in recent years.

At first glance, keto seems no different than other fad diets (i.e. ripped bodybuilders, meal replacement shakes, supplements, and hubristic Instagram profiles).

I first learned about keto in Tim Ferris’s book, Tools of Titans, and gave up after a few days like so many others.

When I became crippled, I had no choice but to get it right, not for my appearance, but for my health.

Warning: Your Physical Prime Can End In A Second

Once upon a time, I was a fit young guy with a chiseled physique. I never dieted because I was born with an iron will and muscular build. No matter how much I ate and drank, I could always run it off the same day.

Then I “grew up” and graduated to the cubicle life. Day after day, hour after hour, I sat in my tiny cubicle crunching numbers. I got up sparingly to piss, eat or drive home, only to rise early the next morning and do it again.

My metabolism slowed and my body became flabby and weak.

After a couple of years, the only workout I could muster was a jog with a few pushups and situps at the end. It was a half-assed, mediocre workout routine, but it was all I could give.

It should have been obvious. My body was chronically inflamed from eating loads of carbs, sugar, and processed food. When I exercised, I was only compounding the damage.

In the span of a few months, I severely sprained my back, pulled my hamstring, and tore a meniscus.

My physical prime was over before it began. I was in my mid-twenties and washed up, all because of my exceptionally shitty eating habits.

Food is The Best Medicine And Keto Will Give You A Second Wind



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Let me guess. You’d like to hit the gym but can’t summon enough willpower. Even when you force yourself to go, the soreness, fatigue, and lack-luster results are unsustainable . The juice just isn’t worth the squeeze.

You’re getting old? Or is it bad genetics?

Don’t be silly, son.

Your age and genetics are not at fault.

The problem is right in front of your nose — right there on your plate.

Artificial food is draining your vital energy and diluting your masculinity, one meal at a time.

It’s not about eating less food, it’s about eating real food.

Replace bread, pasta, and sugar with meat, fat, and water. Your physical prowess will surely return.

Ketosis is The Real Deal

Keto is revolutionary and life-changing.

The ketogenic diet can produce benefits such as:

• extreme reduction in inflammation

• elimination of mood swings due to hunger

• rapid fat loss

• elevated energy and focus

• reduced snack cravings

I’ll show you how to avoid the common barriers to ketosis and elevate your mind, body, and soul.

The ketogenic diet focuses on switching your fuel source from glucose (carbs) to fat and ketones.

If your body does not have enough glucose for energy, it burns stored fats instead. This results in a build-up of acids within the body called ketones, a process otherwise known as ketosis.

Ketosis is equivalent to perpetual fat-burning mode, which is why people get shredded on a properly implemented keto diet.

Properly implemented is key. Most diets allow cheating, and keto does not. Keto demands strict adherence to the rules.

It is challenging at first, but easy to master once you get the ball rolling.

The First Hurdle: Keto Flu

When starting the keto diet, it is normal to have stores of glucose (otherwise known as glycogen) in the liver and muscles. Your body will use these up first before switching to fat for fuel.

The first days of the ketogenic journey include a phenomenon called keto flu, which is a period of fatigue and exhaustion as your body gets used to the new energy source.

How Keto Flu Can Make You…

Keto flu makes many people give up, but here’s some secret knowledge for you. You can easily defeat keto flu by taking exogenous ketones.

During ketosis, the liver produces an alternative energy source called ketones. You can also take the ketones in supplement form (these are exogenous because they are produced outside of the body).

Exogenous ketones are a fantastic source of clean, non-jittery energy.

I used a combination of KetoLogic BHB, premium Colombian coffee, and my favorite herbal elixir.

You can stop taking exogenous ketones after a week or so, or you can keep them in rotation even after you’re well adjusted to the keto lifestyle.

If you want to test their efficacy, take a couple of scoops and head over to the gym. You’ll see what I mean.

The Second Hurdle: Staying in Ketosis

Ketosis (perpetual fat-burning mode) is a remarkable thing. Its benefits include getting shredded, reduced inflammation, improved focus, and elimination of sugar-related mood swings.

Ketosis is also easy to fuck up. You can kick yourself out of ketosis by eating any type of sugar, most carbs, and even too much protein.

If you want maximum benefits, you must stay in ketosis around the clock.

Rule #1 — Sugar is Kryptonite for Ketosis

Avoid sugar like the plague.

Nothing will kick you out of ketosis faster than sugar.

Most snack bars, meal replacement shakes, and energy drinks contain this sweet and poisonous substance (watch this video to witness an ex Kraft brand manager crying of guilt for marketing Fruity Pebbles to children).

If you consume any of these, make sure they are keto-friendly. If they are not keto-friendly, they will need to go bye-bye.

Rule #2 — Carbs are The Antidote for Ketosis (Except Nuts and Vegetables)

Limit carbs to 20–50 grams (preferably closer to 25). Carb intake should come from nuts and vegetables. Avoid all other carbs.

Rule #3 — Eat Fatty every Day (Fat is Your Friend)

Your diet needs to consist of 75 to 80 percent fat. This is imperative.

Fatty foods like eggs, bacon, and coconut oil are optimal.

All forms of steak are acceptable, but the BEST meats for keto are ultra-fatty cuts like rib-eye and New York strip steak. Pork is also a great option (brisket, sausage, ham, etc.)

Some of my favorite ketogenic takeout meals are:

  • Chipotle — steak bowl with fajitas, sour cream, and cheese
  • Dickies — pulled pork and beef brisket
  • In N Out — flying Dutchmen with mustard and pickles
  • Jimmy Johns — Unwich

Pick a few meals you can stick with to make it easy for yourself. You can always expand your options later.

Track your calories with this app. Once you get the hang of it, you won’t need it anymore. Keep fat above 75% of your daily total.

Rule #4 — Fat Comes First (Protein is Not Fat)

Your body has a mechanism for turning protein into glucose (gluconeogenesis), which can keep you out of deep ketosis and destroy your results.

Do not get caught in the grey area (i.e. low glucose, low carbs, and low fat from eating too much protein). Trust me, it won’t feel good. You won’t get anything out of it either.

Avoid making chicken or fish your primary meals. If you eat them, add fatty condiments like sour cream, cheese, and butter.

Rule #5 – Don’t Go Dying on Me (Avoid Hyponatremia)

Low sodium feels like death.

This is one of the simplest pitfalls to avoid but also has the worst side-effects.

Switching over to keto will result in a loss of water weight and some electrolyte depletion initially. This can produce dizziness, fatigue, lethargy, malaise, and feeling incredibly shitty.

This is not keto’s fault. Your body is releasing all the excess water it was holding due to high carbohydrate intake. Your new meat-based diet is also less likely to contain large amounts of salt.

Fortunately, there are painless options for avoiding this.

  • Option #1 — Sprinkle salt on your food.
  • Option #2 — Drink Ketochow — the powder contains plenty of sodium.
  • Option #3 — Add a pinch of salt to a small cup of water and wash it down.
  • Option #4— Take a scoop of exogenous ketones every day

Do one of these every day, and the dilemma is averted.

Rule #6 — Don’t Starve Yourself 

Ketosis reduces hunger and cravings for food, so you will be feeling satiated most of the time.

Skipping meals will slow down your metabolism and screw up your results.

Plan your meals in advance and eat them at the designated time.

Don’t skip meals.

Cheat with Ketochow

Consuming Ketochow will save you money since you get about 21 meals for $72 or $3.43 per meal.

It will also keep you full and reduce the chance of succumbing to snack temptations.

Ketochow is the best tasting keto-friendly meal replacement available on the market. It is also a small, family-owned business.

I opt for their cookies and cream powder and add coconut oil or eggs for fat content.

You can also use MCT oil, heavy whipping cream, or butter.

Keto Immortality is Yours — Take It

It’s only a few steps away.

If it were a useless fad, why are navy seals making it mandatory?

Research shows keto not only helps with fat loss and body recomposition but also allows your body to utilize oxygen better.

Follow the rules and results will follow.

All you need is the drive to get started and a few hacks to stay consistent, and you can kiss those food comas and afternoon slumps good-bye.

You will feel healthier all the time while getting ripped in your sleep.

What could you do with more energy, strength, and skyrocketing confidence?

You were born to be great, not fat, and sick.

They say the most important thing is health because with it you can accomplish anything.

Master keto and success will be on its way.


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