Recommended Resources

If you have hardcore ambitions and are willing to put in the work, these books, supplements, and audio programs have the power to unlock your boldest, greatest potential.

Life-Changing Books

Breaking Out Of Homeostasis by Ludvig Sunstrom


The fear that prevents you from turning your dreams into reality is not just in your mind – it’s encoded in your DNA. It looms in the background and resists your every attempt to change. BOOH provides actionable strategies on how to embrace discomfort like a warrior and systematically become fearless. Learn more…

Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris

Tools-of-Titans - Tim Ferris

Everything will change once you realize the people you admire are just like you (insecure, flawed, and trying to hide their problems). This timeless gem is packed with tactics, routines, and strategies you can use to overcome plateaus, persist through adversity, and supercharge your personal growth. Learn more…

Game-Changing Supplements

KratomPurchase Kratom

Kratom is the ultimate game-changer. It is a powerful herbal nootropic that will skyrocket your confidence and shoot your energy levels through the roof in a centered, non-jittery type of way.  Learn more…

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InnerTalk is a self-hypnosis technology that has subliminal affirmations woven into the background.

Let your mind be absorbed by the soothing tones, and echoes of the first layer of sound, while your subconscious receives empowering subliminal messages in the background.

I listen to Creativity is Natural and Confidence OZO.

Best Binaural Beats is created by real musicians, the beats are dope across several genres, and the innovative and science-backed sound patterns are designed to light up your brain. You can try it here for free.

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DistEx Broad Spectrum CBD

Premium CBD

This premium broad spectrum CBD oil is excellent for enhanced mobility, elevated mood, and speedy recovery from high intensity workouts. It contains a host of cannabinoids, including CBDV, CBG, CBC, and CBN which will keep your muscles and joints firing on all cylinders. All THC has been removed, so there are no psychoactive properties (aka, you will not get high). Learn more…