Confidence Wrecked in 2023? Here is How to Get Your Life Together

How to Get Your Life Together

We have all pondered the question, “how to get your life together.”

Everyone has struggled with low confidence at one point or another. There is not a soul on earth that is immune to life’s ups and downs, regardless of race, nationality, creed, or background.

Unless you reclaim your mind, you will continue to fall victim to clever influencers, marketers, and swindlers of every sort who seek to profit from your fears, impulses, and ultimately your ruin.

The question is not whether you are alone but whether you will be one of the few to break the chains that hold you down.

Modify your habits, and you will radically transform your ability to combat stress, fatigue, and destructive thought patterns.

Here is how to get your life together and be better than ever in 2023.

1. How Internet Gossip is 99% Bullshit, and People Lie About Their Lives

Warning: YouTube and social media are crawling with bogus posers that could not care less about your life.

When the internet was first made available to the public, it was called the “information superhighway.”

It was said to provide massive amounts of information at lightning speed. And it remains an incredible tool that allows instant access to a superabundance of information available at your fingertips.

The only problem is that it also became a means of disseminating mass distraction and dopamine addiction.

“Doom Scrolling” YouTube or Instagram is a Fucked Habit That Will Make Life Suck. This is The First Order of Business for How to Get Your Life Together

Most content creators are out primarily for your money and attention. They have a vested interest in keeping you hooked and distracted. They want to keep you thirsty, weak, and dumb as fuck.

You probably instinctively know this already.

Here are just a few examples…

The 304s posting non-stop ass pics while simultaneously providing spiritual advice with each money shot.

Guys who are roided to the gills and yet purport to know the secret recipe for health, wealth, and fitness.

“Business insiders” who will show you how to get rich for $199.

99% of it is bullshit. If you want to succeed, you must be selective with your attention. Stop scrolling aimlessly through stupid shit. Instead, work on overcoming your fears and cultivating clarity of mind. 

You will be amazed at how dramatically your outlook shifts when you are no longer absorbed in the false narratives of internet influencers.

Shredded, Hard, and Focused: 7 Real Ways to Chisel Your Body and Mind

2. The Ultimate Thief of Joy and Mastery: Why You Must Stop Comparing Yourself

This one can be extremely difficult because humans are social creatures. We tend to rely heavily on those around us to gauge how our life is going. We want to fit in, and we want to be respected and loved.

But comparison is a thief of joy and a recipe for waste and mediocrity.

You cannot desire an extraordinary life and yet cling to comparison and acceptance; it would never work.

Legendary achievers have a history of failure because mastery takes years of struggle and turmoil. The titans and warriors of history were willing to fall short over and over again until, at last, they unlocked their next gear and ascended to the pinnacle of their craft.

The average person is too proud to fail and too arrogant to try without first knowing the outcome. They will laugh when you stumble and then become envious when you make progress.

Don’t look at someone else’s life and ask, “why is my life not like his?” Instead, make the best of your current situation and develop the strength and skills to create the life you want.

Do not be like the normies who are too ashamed of their starting point to even begin. Rather, be big enough to be small and humble enough to be inadequate.

This can only be done when you stop comparing yourself to others.

3. Do Not Be Afraid of Judgement (It Will Sabotage Your Happiness and Success)

Have you ever thought about what you are afraid of? How are your fears impacting your ability to create the life you want?

You can have the finest things in life, including the fire and passion of living life to the fullest.

It’s too bad you are afraid of…





You will look back on your life as an old geezer and wonder why you gave false illusions so much power over your life.

Or you can work to overcome your fears methodically and incrementally.

Any fear — including fear of judgment — can be overcome systematically. As counterintuitive as it may be, you do not overcome fear in your mind. You do it through gradual exposure.

Not caring what other people think about you is a superpower that will give you a massive advantage in life.

4. Living Your Purpose Will Skyrocket Your Confidence to Unimaginable Levels

Finding your purpose does not make everything magically come together. It does not make life easy.

But it absolutely will give you a vision and powerful drive, which are prime components of explosive gains in confidence.

Struggling and Striving for a Worthwhile goal
How to Get Your Life Together by Victor Frankl

Aligning your life with your purpose will turbocharge your confidence in ways that make otherwise effective self-help advice seem weak and pathetic.

When your talents and skills align with your purpose, and you are putting them to work every day, having a ripped physique and elite congruence are just icing on the cake.

Finding your life’s purpose requires struggle and uncertainty. Learn how to hang in the pocket like a gangster.

You will need to undergo massive shifts in perspective and do things that seem strange or unorthodox. And you will probably need to let go of years of mental programming.

Shredded, Hard, and Focused: 7 Real Ways to Chisel Your Body and Mind

This becomes much easier when you have mastered the principles above.

5. How Fake Friends Are Useless (Why You Should Find Real Ones That Truly Care)

It happens to all of us. 

We end up with acquaintances who don’t care about our progress. Perhaps they shared similar interests, like chasing girls or working out. Maybe you grew up with them or came to know them through another friendship or relationship. 

These kinds of relationships are a colossal waste of time and energy. Want to excel and enjoy life to the fullest? Then fake friends should be disposed of expeditiously. 

What is a true friend?

A true friend is not someone who destroys so they can sit on top of the pile of rubble. 

A true friend is someone you admire, enjoy being around, and share interests with. You want the best for them, and the feeling is mutual from the other side. 

Aristotle distinguishes fake friends from real ones by categories of utility, pleasure, and goodness. 

A Friendship of Goodness is The Only One Worth Having

A good friend is not jealous or self-seeking. They are not sneaky, two-faced, or misleading.

A good friendship nourishes the soul and feeds the mind. Both parties want the best for one another and back each other up like true brothers until the end. They help each other grow and fight their struggles like comrades in battle. 

The best way to find true friends is by being your most authentic self at all times, and learning how to say no.

6. Why Finding Your Best Method for Getting Healthy Will Make a Huge Difference

When you feel your best, you have the energy and focus to change other things in your life. It is like a snowball effect that grows and culminates in more impactful improvements.

I say find your own best method because no two people have the same optimal health regimen. What made me feel like a million dollars may not work for you and vice a versa.

It took years of combing through the aisles of vitamin shops and researching diets and biohacking until I discovered anything that changed my life.

When I finally cracked the code, it made a world of difference and supercharged my energy, vitality, and well-being.

Feel Down on Your Luck? You Are Not the First, and You Will Not Be the Last

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it – Albert Einstein

Life can be a cold hard bitch, and there is nothing you can do to change that. The only thing you can do is use your trials and tribulations to become stronger.

As the legendary Kobe Bryant once said, “sometimes it feels like the storm is never going to end, but it always does. When it is finally over, you want to make sure you are ready.”

You want to know how get your life together?

Start from zero, rebuild, and start gaining momentum one step at a time.

You are going through a rough patch right now, but if you hang on it will eventually get better. It is the hard times that force us to become honest with ourselves. It is during these trying times that we build strength and determination.

If you keep striving, you will emerge stronger than ever when the storm subsides.

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