The Rise of Sigma Male: How to Be a Dominant Introverted Man

Alpha Vs Sigma Male

Throughout history, men have been categorized into archetypes within dominance hierarchies.

The Pharaohs who ruled over ancient Egypt, the kings of medieval Europe, and the chiefs and emperors of north and central America are prime examples of the king archetype — men who, by virtue, intellect, physical prowess, or all of the above, rose to power.

The king is the ultimate masculine archetype, but not the only one.

On the road to glory, the king must first master the journeys of the warrior, the magician, and the lover.

Bold And Courageous Masculine Archetypes Share Many Characteristics

The fearless warrior practices intense discipline and minimalism, giving his life for a greater purpose. The magician spends years in his secret layer mastering the craft that later culminates in wealth and prestige. The lover is driven by beautiful women, thrilling adventures, and an unquenchable passion for life – he could also be a lover of God, like a monk, a priest, or a saint.

Archetypes are all around us in literature and history.

Jesus Christ and his crucifixion, King Arthur and the sorcerer’s stone, and David and his battle with Goliath – a few more kings that rose from humble beginnings to meteoric heights.

Archetypes have been portrayed in your favorite movies, even the ones from your childhood.

Alpha male vs. Sigma male
Robin Hood The Legendary Heroic Outlaw

“Spaniard” from Gladiator, Batman, and Robinhood are top-quality examples of the sigma male — each of them are also combinations of three primary male archetypes from psychologist Robert Moore’s book The Four Archetypes of the Mature Masculine: King, Warrior, Magician, Lover.

They embody the sigma male lifestyle because they are outcasts and do not take a place in the hierarchy.

Like true introverts, they draw inspiration from within. They are captivated by the journey, not the accumulation of status within the sociosexual hierarchy.

Warrior + Lover + Magician

These characters are rebels who don’t give a shit about fitting in.

They have forged superior skillsets through years of solitude, and they dish out acute ass-kicking.

Even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, they somehow emerge victorious.

An Archetype Is a Pattern of Behavior or an Energy

How did archetypes come about and how can they help you achieve greatness?

We didn’t always have terms for archetypes [such as alpha vs. sigma male or king vs. magician], but they have been around since the inception of civilization.

Carl Jung, the originator of the archetype framework, believed that for a man to reach the apex of a given story arch, he first needed to pass through trials and tribulations.

Jung developed his archetypes based on the theory that there is a “collective unconscious” or instinctual and universal thought patterns amongst humans.

History seems to prove his hypothesis true because the same ideas echoed around the globe before we had the information superhighway known as “the internet.”

For starters, innumerable ancient societies were organized into eerily similar dominance hierarchies.

Social Dominance Hierarchy
Social Hierarchy of the Aztecs

Here are a few more examples of collective unconscious:

The story of a giant flood was told by over 500 cultures around the world.

The dying and resurrecting figure is found in the stories of ancient Greeks, ancient Sumerians, Christians, and Native Americans.

In cultures ranging far and wide, the warrior has been honored for his willingness to lay down his life for a greater cause.

People have felt uplifted and inspired by similar stories. They have also honored and revered the same kinds of characters.

Alpha Male Vs. Sigma Vs. King Vs. Warrior Vs. Magician Vs. Lover

Napoleon’s Meteoric Rise from Soldier to Emperor

Archetypes Are Not Pseudoscience, But There Is a Huge Grey Area

It’s important to note that an archetype is not a personality type. And anybody who speaks constantly of being an alpha male is more than likely a trickster.

Alpha vs. Sigma

Nobody is born a king, warrior, lover, or magician.

This is also the case with sigma vs. alpha males, as well as any other male archetypes.

So, it’s not about what type of male you are as much as what attributes you are willing to acquire.

It comes down to doing the work.

You can improve your position and climb higher and farther than you could ever imagine.

Napoleon Bonaparte had one of history’s most spectacular rises to power. He rose through the ranks of the French military at a blistering pace before being crowned emperor at age 35. He believed a soldier’s greatest attribute was not bravery but the ability to persevere through hunger and fatigue.

Bonaparte was not born with a silver spoon, and he was not gifted or privileged. He spent every waking hour fighting, studying, or strategizing. As you can imagine, this turned him into a juggernaut.

Decide What the Fuck You Want, Then Never Stop Going No Matter What

Men that focus on their mission will reap big-time rewards.

How many guys do you know that would sacrifice 3 to 5 years of their life to skyrocket their prospects?

What would you be willing to give up temporarily to live an extraordinary life in a few years?

Avoiding distractions and entering the zone daily will produce mind-blowing results.

However, few will do the work because they want to fit in and don’t want to miss out.

Alpha Male Vs Sigma: What Makes Them Unique?

If you have delved into bodybuilding, dating, and pick-up online, you have almost certainly heard of the alpha male and sigma male archetypes.

What are alpha male traits?

Alpha males are guys that have stacks of cash, a shredded body, and a handful of luscious and jaw-dropping dating options.

They are extroverted, assertive, aggressive, and dominant by nature.

Alpha males are naturally suited to lead because of their magnetism and competitive nature.

Alpha males typically possess a strong desire to ascend the hierarchy and acquire recognition.

The Sigma Male Is Intuitive, Innovative, Talented, And Courageous

The sigma male or ‘lone wolf’ has many of the same ambitious qualities as the alpha male with a few key distinctions.

What are sigma male traits?

A lone wolf is introverted and nuanced in his approach to life. And he does not need a tribe, a pack, or a hierarchy – he does not draw his self-esteem from the opinions of others, so he has no use for them.

The sigma male uses his creativity to obtain his desired lifestyle by unconventional means.

He is driven to accomplish spectacular things, but he does not care about climbing dominance hierarchies.

The alpha male vs. sigma debate comes down to extroversion vs. introversion in many instances, but the main difference is the sigma male’s disregard for the status quo and the traditional dominance hierarchy.

How Archetypes Can Be Used as Road Maps for Attaining a More Rewarding Life

Only you can decide which archetypal journey best suits you.

There are benefits and drawbacks to each archetype, and only you have insight into the aspects of life that are worth pursuing with a passion.

It’s not all roses and sunshine though.

When going through the pain and turmoil of an archetypal journey, one could be overtaken by its shadow.

An aspiring king could be transformed into a tyrant. An explorer could be transformed into a purposeless drifter, a lover into an obsessed addict, a magician into a trickster, and so forth.

Ultimate success is about staying resilient, keeping an open mind, and holding your ground until the mission is accomplished.

If A Character Resonates with You Strongly, the Seed is Already Planted

You just need to take the first step.

Find archetypes that inspire you and study them with a passion.

You can also watch people you admire in real-time.

Kobe Bryant meticulously watched tapes of the 1980s Lakers and mimicked Michael Jordan’s moves and worth ethic.

Napoleon Bonaparte fervently studied the expeditions of Ceasar and Alexander the Great.

David Goggins learned from the Navy SEALs and Green Berets that came before him.

Plato studied under Socrates before mentoring Aristotle.

Emulating a badass archetype with a phenomenal arch comes with challenges. You will need to take uncomfortable actions and make difficult decisions.

You will also need to accept incompetence and inadequacy because the starting point is always zero.

Archetypes Are Like Blueprints for How to Grow, Improve and Succeed

Whether your goal is to live a passionate and thrilling life and reach the apex of material wealth. Or make an impact that will last for generations, sleep with dozens of beautiful women, or get ripped as fuck…

Michael Jordan, Albert Einstein, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, Kobe Bryant, Marcus Aurelius – the list of insanely successful introverts goes on ad infinitum.

How do you think they did it?

The greatest of all time started their missions in isolation. They too wrestled with feelings of inadequacy and uncertainty, but they didn’t wait for the perfect opportunity.

It takes courage to be different, but if you block out the noise and stay focused, massive opportunities are on the horizon.

You have a natural capacity for solitude and emotional intelligence – critical components for mental breakthroughs and busting through performance plateaus.

Leverage this ability to the maximum, and you can become an embodiment of the sigma male archetype.

Making Gigantic Leaps Is About Taking the Path of Most Growth at Every Opportunity

Badass archetypes contain timeless wisdom that can catapult you higher.

It’s worth noting that there are tons of archetypes, many of which were not mentioned in this post.

But all of them are worth learning about because they can supercharge your personal growth.

Just as there are positive aspects to each archetype, there are also negatives or ‘shadow sides’.

When you investigate the shadow sides of each archetype, you will know precisely when you are in danger of making a shitty decision that will limit your growth. On the flip side, some paths are hard to choose because they are narrow and rigid; these usually contain the potential for radical transformation.

The Magician is an Expert in His Intuitive and Logical Skill Building

Through intense dedication, he becomes an upper-echelon skill-builder and a clutch high-stakes performer. He is ceaselessly committed to the pursuit of knowledge and the development of his craft. His inspiration comes from creating.

The Warrior is a Master of His Own Willpower, Discipline, and Purpose

He protects his interests and is steadfast in completing his missions. He is humble, grounded and detached from drama. Even in the face of tremendous challenges, he is peaceful, calm, and open to solutions.

The Lover is Fully Alive (His Heart Is Open to Pleasure and Expression)

He lives in the present moment and is in touch with emotions and sensuality. He is captivating, robust, vigorous, exuberant, and inventive. More than anything else, he seeks love and beauty.

The King Has Successfully Integrated All Other Powerful Male Archetypes

He brings law, order, justice and prosperity. He is like the culmination of male archetypes, giving his life in service to the community.

Don’t Get Hung Up on These, But You Must Take Action Every Day

You can use archetypes to learn patterns that build a powerful masculine character, but it all starts with small actions that are seemingly negligible.

You will acquire courage, strength, and skill from every fear you dare to overcome, whether asking a pretty girl for her digits or committing to hitting the weights each day.
It all starts with small actions. You build on each one until you are standing on a mountain.

The few that commit to building a masculine character will gain a hardcore edge over the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

❓ What are sigma male characteristics?

The sigma male is a highly motivated and driven individual who is not dependent on the approval or recognition of others for gratification or self-esteem. The sigma male knows how to hold his ground and possesses all skills necessary to accomplish his goals. He usually lives a unique lifestyle that is outside of the dominance hierarchy.

❓ What is the difference between the alpha male and the sigma male?

The alpha male is highly motivated to participate in and climb the dominance hierarchy. He is assertive, competitive, and almost always extroverted. His self-esteem is heavily dependent on ranking above others on the sociosexual ladder. The sigma male possesses many of the same ambitious qualities but is propelled by a desire for experiences. He does not seek to acquire a status but rather a lifestyle, movement, or purpose. The alpha male is typically extroverted, whereas the sigma male is usually introverted.

❓ What is a beta male?

The beta male is commonly touted as a push-over, a geek, and a simp on blogs and forums, but this is an incomplete characterization. A beta male is just an average guy that wants to live an ordinary life. A beta male is a natural follower who is friendly, reserved, and respects other people. His earnestness makes him a great friend and employee.

❓ What is a gamma male?

The gamma male is a free spirit and adventurer. He is propelled by his unlimited thirst for unique experiences and learning new things.

❓ What is an omega male?

The omega male is highly intelligent and self-assured. He doesn’t need approval from others to feel good about himself, but he lacks social skills and has few friends. He is highly logical but can seem aloof and out of touch to others.

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