Rule The Empire

Rule The Empire is about conquering your fears and unleashing your genius.

You were born a warrior.

You are destined for victory and have the strength and courage to succeed or die trying.

But you are afflicted by the plague of slow death that takes many forms.

The nine-to-five grind, college, perpetual procrastination, not knowing where to start — wide is the path that leads to languishing in mediocrity.

You desire mastery. You yearn for fulfillment and success. You want to live on your own terms.

You want to join the ranks of elite guys that achieve the most elusive feats, earn fat stacks of cash, and travel the world with a beautiful girl on their arm.

It is all within your reach.

You can take your craft to the absolute highest level of excellence achievable.

But you will never get there unless you throw away your self-imposed limitations.

It boils down to fear. Fear of changing, fear of rejection, fear of discomfort, fear of loneliness, fear of having awkward conversations, etc.

Fear is the reason this page has been challenging to write. I’m just as vulnerable to judgment as anybody else.

Fear is the reason that in just a few hours, you will resume your life as a ghost caged in an invisible box, doing what you are told to do, while the precious minutes and hours of your life tick away.

You must overcome the fear.

If only you could start a business. If only you could land your dream job. If only you had more time. If only you weren’t so afraid to start over. If only you could ask her out. And on, and on.

I know the feeling.

I was once a naive but optimistic young college graduate who spent years worrying himself sick because he needed to measure up. I tried so hard to be accepted and respected, but I was never enough.

I became a member of the walking dead, working at an investment firm in a vast sea of spreadsheets that swallowed hour after hour of my existence.

“Once I do this or that (i.e., get another girlfriend, buy a car, get a promotion, etc.), the fear will pass,” I thought. “Then, I will finally make it.”

The finish line was always void of fulfillment and the tranquility that followed never lasted long.

How did I end up here? Laughing at ridiculous jokes, dressing like an executive while making a fraction of the salary, pretending to like my boss. The undercurrent of bullshit was omnipresent.

A wise man once said, “suffering is a great teacher.”

In a tough predicament, you have to get creative, and you have to focus.

This set the stage for my journey over the next few years. The truth is I never had a plan. I just knew if I could make myself feel and perform like a beast, that somehow, someway, I would end up in a better place, even if it took a long time to get there.

I started a daily hot yoga routine to tame the constant mental chatter.

I experimented with supplements, combing through the aisles of every herb shop I could find, looking for elixirs that would unlock my maximum potential.

I devoured books and blogs about overcoming challenges and becoming legendary.

My unorthodox approach to self-improvement produced tangible results.

Where it used to be difficult to wake up and make breakfast, now I was eager to work with full gusto every morning.

I began to feel much better, even with all the stress at my job. Then I left my job to start an e-commerce business, then I met some incredibly talented people and got the chance to work at a revolutionary crypto project.

I still don’t have it all figured out. I’m not the smartest guy in the room, and not the most talented either. I believe in the power of focus, dedication, and patience. And I’m not afraid to look stupid or feel like a loser.

You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need balls and a boost.

I believe you can create the life of your dreams, and I want to give you a jump start by sharing my list of game-changing supplements and books to get you on the road to greatness. Just enter your email below, and the list is yours!

You can systematically destroy your limitations.

But no matter how many hacks and tricks you have at your disposal, you still have to do the work.

Within the pages of this blog are posts about sex transmutation, keto, mindset, and anxiety, with many more topics to come.

They will change your life if you take them to heart.

Rise and take the throne that is rightfully yours.

What do you want out of life?

It took me a long time to realize everything I knew about the art of improvement was wrong.

It’s not about fitting in and going with the flow. It’s about zoning in and entering flow, over and over again.

Daily doses of discomfort will produce extraordinary results.

Join me on the path of pain and glory.

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