6 Mind-Blowing Simple Books That Feed Your Ambition and Warrior Spirit

I remember hearing as a kid that Tupac Shakur read voraciously. The topics he read the most were biographies of historical figures, military geniuses, and world leaders.

Figures like Napoleon Bonaparte, Malcolm X, and Marcus Aurelius used their intellects to cultivate supreme power and influence by reading books. Kobe Bryant was an avid reader and a passionate storyteller too.

Warren Buffet, the GOAT of investing, famously reads 500 pages a day, and says he spends 80% of his waking life reading.

When asked about his supreme moneymaking skills, he responds by telling people to read a lot and think a lot with less impulsive decision-making.

“Read 500 pages like this every day. That’s how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest. All of you can do it, but I guarantee not many of you will do it.”

— Warren Buffet

6 Thought-Provoking Books Every Man Should Read (Especially Ambitious Men)

A list of badass books every man should read:

It delves into stoic philosophy, the conquest of Mexico, the insidious nature of the criminal mind, and real-life lessons from a domestic abuse survivor.

Spoiler: Joan of Arc was a savage and straight gangster, making most men of today look like punks and pussies.

1. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

Best Fiction Books for Young Men
Take a Journey into the Mind of a Perverted Sociopath

Lolita provides profound glimpses into the demented mind of a serial criminal.

Humbert, the protagonist, is a kid-diddling pervert. He is a deviant who is convinced 14-year-old girls — he calls them nymphets — secretly want to be molested.

This page-turner is captivating from the start but never ventures into disgusting or repulsive details.

If there is something to be learned from this book, it is the following:

Narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths have distorted minds that never rest, and they ceaselessly look for opportunities to take advantage of other humans.

They find reasons and excuses to rationalize their behavior and will go to great lengths to disguise their wicked intentions.

They are out there, and you must learn to watch out for them.

2. Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

Marcus Aurelius - Best Books for Young Men
A Philosophical Masterpiece, One of The Books Every Man Should Read 

Marcus Aurelius was a stoic philosopher and the emperor of Rome from 161 to 180. He was also a genius with a stunning depth of character.

Marcus was part of the Nerva–Antonine dynasty, a succession of emperors later coined “The Five Good Emperors.” He studied voraciously under the slave-turned-stoic master Epictetus before inheriting power and prestige at levels so supreme only a handful of people in human history have ever experienced anything like it.

Yet, his thoughts are clear, concise, and down-to-earth.

“There is but one thing of real value — to cultivate truth and justice, and to live without anger in the midst of lying and unjust men.”

— Marcus Aurelias

Marcus Aurelius’s journal simultaneously displays his masterful intellect and a deep sense of humanity; he has thought every concept through to the last detail yet mentions simple struggles and worries of life.

He commands nations and armies but expresses a lack of ability to relate to people — not because of status, but because of their disposition to dishonesty, impatience, and rudeness.

“The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.”

— Marcus Aurelias

Meditations is a masterclass on boiling complex problems into simple action steps and staying on an even keel through life’s ups and downs.

It is a blueprint on developing mastery, one step at a time.

And it definitely belongs on the list of books every man should read.

3. The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde

Books Every Man Should Read
What Happens When a Man Loses Control of His Mind and Ego?

The Picture of Dorian Grey is poetic, dark, and psychological. It is an epic, all-time great novel written in scintillating style.

Take this bonified banger from Lord Henry …

“If they know nothing of victory, they are at least spared the knowledge of defeat. They live as we all should live — undisturbed, indifferent, and without disquiet. They neither bring ruin upon others, nor ever receive it from alien hands. Your rank and wealth, Harry; my brains, such as they are — my art, whatever it may be worth; Dorian Gray’s good looks — we shall all suffer for what the gods have given us, suffer terribly.”

Lord Henry is a middle-aged and mature man who uses his wealth, skills, and cunning to corrupt an impressionable Dorian Grey.

After meeting Lord Henry and receiving a massive inheritance, Dorian strikes a sweet deal to stay young forever.

He meets a beautiful young woman at a theatre, and they fall in love. Then Dorian’s handsome appearance, youth, and money get to his head.

His arrogance and vanity steadily deprave his soul, spreading like a virus into his life. He revels in his decadence and excess, growing into a cruel and rotten individual.

Money, looks, youth, and endless women — what more could a man want? But there is more to life than sex and money.

He soon sees little hope of escaping the solitary pit he has dug for himself, and resorts to extreme measures for his last chance at redemption.

4. Reflections of Joan of Arc by Mark Twain

5 Books Every Man Should Read
Joan of Arc: Why She Is One of The Greatest Warriors of All Time

“You Englishmen, who have no right in this Kingdom of France, the King of Heaven sends you word and warning, by me Joan the Maid, to abandon your forts and depart into your own country, or I will raise such a war-cry against you as shall be remembered forever.”

— Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc, also known as “The Maid of Orléans,” is a legendary French figure who led the French to several stunning victories. She changed the course of history while performing strange and uncanny acts of mysticism, such as predicting the French defeat at The Battle of Herrings.

A teenage peasant girl from Domremy during the bloody Hundred Years War between England and France, she became a military genius, fighting with astonishing bravery on the front lines.

At age 13, she began believing she was spoken to by Michael the Archangel, St. Margaret of Antioch, and St. Catherine of Sienna.

Uneducated and illiterate, she sought to set up a meeting with uncrowned Dauphin Prince Charles VII, who the saints told her must become king.

Joan remained persistent with increasing urgency despite many rejections.

In early 1429, at age 17, she finally convinced the Dauphin to hear her out.

With the help of Robert de Baudricourt, a local nobleman, she made the 300-mile trek through enemy territory to meet the Dauphin.

Her mystical encounter with the future king convinced him she was to be trusted; he had dressed in a courtier’s attire to trick her, but she picked him out of the crowd anyway.

She joined the military, leading from the frontlines, carrying her banner, and rallying the troops. The once hopeless and exasperated French military unit became invigorated by the Maid’s divine mission.

“In this vineyard, she remained at prayer during one half of a quarter of an hour. Then she came back from that place, seized her standard in one hand, and placed herself on the parapet of the trench, and the moment she was there, the English trembled and were terrified.”

Joan’s young life ends tragically, spun in a deep web of conspiracy and betrayal.

Even through intense pressure, a horrifying imprisonment in solitary confinement, and a corrupt trial, she never broke down or cracked.

Size, strength, and status could not stop her from completing her mission.

Joan is a titan and legend who went out in a ball of flames. And she is one of the finest that humanity has ever produced.

5. Remember… I AM With You by Rosa Diaz

Best Books For Men
You Are Not Suffering Alone: This Book Is Just One Example

Someone you know may be on the verge of committing suicide.

Perhaps they have suffered the devastating and destructive power of abuse. Maybe they have childhood trauma from being abandoned by a parent. What if they lost their entire family to a tragedy?

I wrote recently about a successful young man who committed suicide. He was 29, with a chiseled body and millions in the bank. He was exceptionally talented, intelligent, and deeply wounded.

None of us are immune. And you never know what someone could be going through.

Rosa’s life was challenging from the very beginning. The typical culprits — divorce, poverty, sexual abuse, etc. — make their appearances in her story. Like so many others, she learned to hide her torment from others.

This is an honest memoir about grievous injuries not deserved. About pain turning into fear, then to raging anger, then to despair.

It is about a beautiful little girl with hopes and dreams, broken by tragedy and betrayal, who loses the will to live.

This is a place many of us find ourselves in — trying to make sense of things and dealing with intense issues we did not plan for.

Through her first-hand account of domestic abuse, Rosa will show you how to rise from the ashes, stronger than before, even if you feel like the world is crumbling beneath your feet.

6. Conquistador by Buddy Levy

Books Every Man Should Read
If You Read Only One Book from This List, It’s Gotta Be This One

This is a mind-blowing recount of historical events, stuffed to the gills with adventure, ambition, and testosterone.

Conquistador is written in historical fiction style; it documents the insane complexity and drama of this violent clash of cultures.

If someone had created this story out of thin air, it would be considered a work of literary genius.

A rugged crew of Spanish soldiers sail from Cuba to the coast of Mexico, looking for gold and other precious metals to bring back to the king of Spain.

After fighting and conquering neighboring tribes, Cortez and his men travel inland and discover the sprawling city of Tenochtitlán, the home of the Aztec empire.

Built on top of a network of lakes, Tenochtitlán appeared to be floating on water. At the time, it was one of the most populated cities in the world, with at least 200,000 inhabitants.

Bernal Diaz, the youngest of the conquistadors on the Mexico expedition, wrote in his memoir that the discovery of Tenochtitlán caused many soldiers to question whether what they were experiencing was reality…

“When we saw so many cities and villages built in the water and other great towns on dry land we were amazed (…) on account of the great towers and cues and buildings rising from the water, and all built of masonry. And some of our soldiers even asked whether the things that we saw were not a dream?”

The valley of Mexico was dominated by a triple alliance between the Nahua city-states: Mexico-Tenochtitlan, Tetzcoco, and Tlacopan.

The Aztecs were bloodthirsty and barbaric, comparable in many ways to the Nazis — probably even worse. They sacrificed thousands of people to their god of war every year, first fattening them up by feeding them, then cutting their hearts out while they were still alive.

They were also exceptionally competent warriors who gave the Spaniards all the trouble they could handle.

To prevent a massive Aztec revolt, Cortez decides to negotiate with the Aztec emperor Moctezuma, which he does through his intelligent Mayan girlfriend, Malina.

Hint: the truce did not last, and a long and a bloody massacre ensued.

This epic recount is fucking fascinating the whole way through. It was so captivating that I purchased several additional books on the topic.

1) War God: Return of The Plumed Serpent by Graham Hancock

2) The Conquest of New Spain by Bernal Diaz

Want to Accomplish Your Goals? Read Top-Notch Books, Then Take Action

There are thousands of phenomenal books out there. Here are a few other books every man should read, especially if you are in your 20s and want an early start on kicking ass in life.

Reading is a game-changing skill that few will ever acquire, let alone master. It not only helps you build success, but it also makes you a faster learner.

Developing a high-octane reading habit will supercharge your brain and put you in the fast lane to success. However, you must work at it like you would work on the body or a craft.

You can start by reserving 30 minutes of your day for reading. On the weekend, up the time to one hour.  If you want to go savage mode, take a book to the gym and read briefly between sets.

You Can Accomplish Anything in Life If You Put in The Reading Time

The mind thinks linearly, but few things in life are linear. Skills build up over time through momentum. Incremental improvements lead to seismic shifts.

Such is the case with reading, skill-building, and mastery.

Whether for sports, academics, business, or dating, put in the time EVERY DAY and you will amass voltage and momentum,

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