4 Male Archetypes That Transform You into a Stronger and Better Man

The Five Male Archetypes

So, you want to take a deep plunge into male archetypes? Let’s do it.

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.” — Shakespeare

Our stories are composed of the choices we make and the actions we take.

Some roles are comfortable, boring, and unrewarding, but others are difficult, terrifying, and immensely transforming.


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Each Day, We Have the Opportunity to Take on The Path of the Most Growth

The hero’s journey is no joke.

You will need to be willing to fail and get up, then try harder than you did before.

Those who can take on the challenge despite feeling unprepared, stupid, and ridiculously inadequate will rise from the ashes in a more potent and mighty form.

The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. The task of moving a mountain begins with removing small stones.

Right now, is as good a time as any.

Badass Archetypes are Uplifting and Inspiring, And They Contain a Ton of Truth

Male archetypes are everywhere.

You have seen them at work in your favorite athletes, activists, artists, performers, and even brands.

They are present in every legend, folk tale, novel, and film.

Jesus Christ, Marcus Aurelius, and even Pinocchio are powerful male archetypes that teach profound lessons.

How far would you go for the truth? And what would you be willing to endure to live out your greatest potential?

The most rewarding paths are often the hardest to get started on. It takes strength and tenacity to even begin. And you will probably have to learn some tough lessons along the way.

The Four Male Archetypes
Male Archetypes: Pinocchio on The Journey to Becoming a Real Boy

Pinocchio is a lot deeper than you remember. It is stacked with archetypal figures. Pinocchio is a hero archetype, Geppetto is the benevolent father, and the fairy is an archetypal mother figure.  However, there are also tricksters, tyrants, mentors, etc.

Jiminy Cricket is there on his shoulder acting like a mentor or guardian angel. He tries to convince Pinocchio to make the right decisions at every turn.

Pinocchio eventually becomes a real boy, but not before dying in the process.

You Must Embark on Your Hero’s Journey to Become Your Greatest Self

You have not reached your maximum potential — in fact, you have not even scratched the surface.

To get there, you will need to embark on a journey of epic proportions.

You must take the path of the of most growth, always. This is the way to the mature masculine.

Take Action on Your Goals Daily and You Will Reach Your Apex Potential

The legendary characters who overcome challenges, win ferocious battles, dominate their opposition, and get the beautiful girls — even the titans and legends of real life — all share one common trait.

They are all willing to fail in pursuit of greatness, to do scary things, to fall and get back up, to risk it all or give it all away.

They love the process as much as the result.

“You commit yourself to such a level where there is no compromise. You give everything you have, everything, absolutely everything.” — Ayrton Senna

Formula 1 champion Ayrton Senna is an excellent example of the warrior, magician, and lover archetypes.

He drove go-carts from the age of 4.

He was renowned for meticulous preparation and almost computer-like decision-making. A hardcore lover of racing and life, he constantly searched for ways to improve every aspect of his performance.

After he died during a race at age 34, tax records revealed that he had discreetly donated colossal chunks of his earnings to charity.

He was fast approaching king status – his funeral in Brazil turned out to be the largest in modern history with upwards of 3 million people in attendance.

4 Masculine Archetypes and Their Shadows to Supercharge Your Mental Strength

Archetypes are like blueprints for how to have an extraordinary life.

They can also show us what not to do to avoid the pitfalls of certain character flaws.

Archetypes and characters contain timeless truths. Read through my previous post on the rise of the sigma to find out why.

William Wallace is a real-life warrior and a cinema superstar of the highest order. Watch Braveheart and see how the true warrior responds to malicious intent and personal tragedy.

Hint: He stayed true to the warrior and lover male archetypes.

Now, let’s get to the male archetypes…

The King Is the Victorious, Ordered, and Powerful Masculine Archetype

The King Is the Supreme Male Archetype

He rules as much through raw strength of character as he does through intellect, intelligence, compassion, and love.

His ultimate goal is to spread prosperity throughout the entire realm, but he also seeks to maintain justice and order.

He commands respect and status because of his superior character and skillset. He has often been a courageous warrior for many years before taking the throne.

How to Be More Like a King (Patience, Humility, and Generosity Are Crucial)

Be centered, confident, purpose-oriented, and balanced.

When you are confident under pressure, comfortable amid chaos, and protective of others, you channel and develop the king male archetype.

King is the culmination of all other stalwart masculine archetypes, including the warrior, the magician, and the lover.

There is no direct path to the archetypal king, other than first undertaking the life of a warrior and a lover.

What Are the King’s Shadows Sides (and How to Avoid Them)

A man can never hope to rise to the level of a king without patience, humility, and generosity. In the absence of these qualities, he is doomed to be a tyrant, lusting for power and seeking to crush anybody who gets in his way.

Desperate for power, status, and control, the tyrant channels other shadows like the weakling and the trickster, ultimately bringing about the destruction of his family, friends, and countless others.

This is why the greatest kings are warriors and lovers that never pursued the crown in the first place.

Start your journey to king by first becoming a warrior. Practice minimalism, courage, discipline, and pain-tolerance. Then develop the lover archetype.

The Warrior Practices Courage, Resilience, Consistency, and Loyalty

The Warrior Gives His Life for a Worthy Cause

The warrior is methodical and precise in everything he does. He performs his required duties regardless of his feelings and circumstances.

He often does his work in obscurity without fame and glory but is still honored and revered for his courage and dedication.

Warrior male archetypes are represented by characters like William Wallace from Braveheart and Spaniard from Gladiator.

The warrior archetype is portrayed in real life by the legendary Navy SEAL, David Goggins.

If you want to be a warrior, start with a simple regimen, then branch out from there.

Wake up at 5 AM and do 100 push-ups, or any amount that is attainable but challenging. Stick with it every day, no matter what. Even when you feel like dog shit. Even with no motivation.

That is a great start.

You Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins is one of the most influential, no-bullshit, and life-changing books ever.

What Are the Warrior’s Shadows (and How to Avoid Them)

Unbridled and unharnessed warrior energy can become sadistic.

When this happens, the warrior becomes so detached that he hates anything that appears weak. He projects his insecurity onto others and looks down on those that aren’t up to standard.

For a sadistic person, everything in life becomes about structure, work, and grinding the hardest at every possible moment. Relationships, family, friends, and everything else take a back seat to their supposed mission.

The sadist projects his loathing, hatred, and disgust on others, but it is all just a reflection of his fears, insecurities, and lack of self-love.

Sadists share many commonalities with the tyrant.

Examples of the sadist are Hitler and Nero, who respectively took out their self-hatred and disgust on Jews and Christians.

Pain Without Purpose Is a Complete Waste of Time and Energy

The second shadow of the warrior is the masochist. The masochist, like the sadist, has a distorted relationship with pain, discomfort, and strife.

Instead of uniting his pain and suffering to a worthwhile purpose, like protecting his loved ones, loving a beautiful girl, or starting a business, he endures pain as an end in and of itself.

Like the sadist, he uses his pain tolerance not as a means for a more beautiful and fulfilling life but rather as a sick form of gratification.

He justifies his weird pain fetish with delusions of martyrdom.

The Lover Lives in The Moment and Extracts Feeling from Every Situation

The Four Primary Male Archetypes
The Lover is A Passionate and Energetic Male Archetype

Lover male archetypes have a youthful spirit, vigorous drive for life, and a ceaseless desire for feelings and experiences.

It’s easy to love gorgeous and stunning women, but do you approach all of life with the same energy?

Indeed, most playboy characters such as Casanova, Don Juan, and Romeo are passionate about the feminine sex, but the lover takes that sentiment and applies it to everything in his life.

Lover male archetypes thrive off of experience and sensuality.

They live in the present moment using all senses — tasting, touching, seeing, smelling, and hearing.

He loves friends, family, life, and God to the maximum extent.

He is open to all of life’s possibilities, including being hurt or feeling pain — he takes it all in stride.

The lover archetype is open and willing to share his experiences deeply with others, whether it is joy, love, pain, or suffering.

He seeks purpose and meaning with a fiery passion. Because of his internal propulsion system, he has endless drive and energy to go after the experiences he craves.

Lover energy is potent, which is why man warriors and kings were also die-hard lovers.

It was Che Guevara who said, “a true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love.”

How to Fire Up the Lover Within (Take Action Even When You Are Afraid)

It is impossible to live in the moment without conquering your fears and practicing presence in your everyday life.

A still mind equals multiplied brain power, supercharged intuition, heightened empathy, and maximum creativity.

Conquering your fears leads to novelty, energy, and enthusiasm, which ignites lover energy.

What are the best ways to still your mind?

There are myriad bullshit esoteric descriptions of what this means and how to achieve it. The reality is the following:

Stillness is a skill that requires everyday practice in a disinterested frame of mind.

Basically, you need to be willing to practice without wanting anything back in return.

You practice stillness of mind so you can double, triple, and quadruple your effectiveness in everything you do.

Daily meditation, prayer, yoga, and daily nature walks are the only free methods I have found for reaching extraordinary levels of stillness.

If you are willing to pay, you have several other high-return options, such as binaural beats, floating, or psychedelics.

These practices slow the nervous system just enough to where you enter into a different neural oscillation or brainwave length.

Male Archetypes
Stillness Is Rocket Fuel for The Mind
What is the best way to bust through fears and limitations?

The theory of momentary courage is and has always been bullshit.

Instead of hoping and praying to become more courageous in moments of need, make a concerted effort to embrace suffering, pain, fear, and discomfort.

Pursue these emotions like a true champ, and you will light a fire under your own ass, eclipsing even the most talented people.

Breaking Out of Homeostasis is the ultimate guide for busting through plateaus and fears.

What Are the Lover’s Shadows (and How to Avoid Them)

Without a mission or purpose to anchor him, the lover can become addicted to sensations and feelings, chasing the latest rush or high, or even worse, becoming a simp for every pretty girl he meets.

He is that guy that always has a new business or career idea but never follows through on anything. As soon as the weekend comes along, a new girl, or a flashy new opportunity, he is sidetracked again.

The addicted lover is an anti-warrior and anti-magician in that he is a slave to emotions and unwilling to put in any work to acquire the knowledge which will mold him into a skilled and valuable man.

He is like a lost adventurer who can never quite find what he is pursuing. Without the rush of a new conquest, he feels sad, hopeless, and full of despair.

The Impotent Lover Has Lost the Passion That Once Ignited His Life

The other shadow of the lover male archetype is the impotent lover.

The impotent lover has lost the fire that once burned inside. Rigorous self-discipline, heartbreak, or fear have caused him to cave in and become numb. He has lost the spark that once saw beauty in the world and phenomenal potential at every turn. 

The impotent lover is the bi-polar opposite of the addicted lover.

Instead of constantly chasing new flings and highs, he becomes passive, giving into stale habits like porn and masturbation, or binging on media, gambling, drugs, etc. 

What is the best way to avoid falling into one of the shadows of the lover male archetypes?

Keep God first, Your Purpose and Mission Second, Then Everything Else

Prioritize stillness and learn how to identify desires and emotions, as well as how to release them. 

As Shakespeare said, “it’s all much ado about nothing.”

Releasing desires and emotions makes you immune to the roller coaster highs and lows of wanting to satisfy wants, feelings, and urges that drag you along all day.  

Plus, it will turbocharge your ability to exceed in all areas of life. 

You will never reach your apex unless you can enter a flow state daily and stop caring about the status quo.

When you make a strategic effort to release desires, enter the zone, and purge social programming, you move closer to flow state.

When you enter flow state regularly, you will become unstoppable and, a force not to be fucked with.

The Magician Obtains Secret Knowledge That Gives Him Status and Value

The Four Male Archetypes

A person who has never been challenged is a tragic figure… you pass through life without anyone knowing what you are capable of, even yourself.”– Seneca

The magician is willing to retreat into obscurity to acquire knowledge that very few people will ever obtain. This process requires intense levels of prolonged focus and dedication that few are willing to endure.

Magician male archetypes are deeply curious about the world and how things work. But their primary objective is harnessing the power that comes from deep knowledge of expertise.

His desire for change could be in his immediate surroundings or the world in general. In any event, the magician is willing to go farther than most to learn his craft and master it as an art and a skill.

The magician archetype is at work anytime you witness somebody with supremely developed knowledge and skill, whether in finance, medicine, advertising, social work, or sports.

Think of Stephen Curry and his absurd accuracy from the 3-point range. He was never expected to be a superstar basketball player. But he consistently outworked everyone with intense and unorthodox training regimes.

Financiers like Warren Buffet and John D. Rockefeller turned average incomes into hundreds of billions of dollars.

You have witnessed many magicians in your time. Whether they were entrepreneurs, athletes, or musicians, they doubtlessly mastered the following technique:

Step upon a step, line upon line, a little bit here, then a little bit there – this is how cutting-edge skills get developed. It takes patience, curiosity, and tenacity to reach the pinnacle of knowledge. And there are no guarantees. Yet, the magician walks into the unknown, seeking the holy grail.

Through the pursuit of knowledge, the magician can manifest the change he seeks for himself and the world – this is what male magician archetypes are all about.

How to Access the Magician Archetype (and Acquire the Art of Mastery)

Belief is what distinguishes men from boys.

To develop the magician archetype, power-up your ability to believe that you can thrive. It’s okay if you don’t feel capable of massive success. You can grow your belief in time if you put in the work continuously.

As Kobe Bryant once said, “it’s simple mathematics.” If you put in the repetitive work and don’t stop, you will make quantum leaps in your abilities.

Accessing the magician archetype is about believing in your work so much that you are willing to stick with it through thick and thin.

You can supercharge your belief with the following methods:

1. Read biographies of high achievers (not celebrities) – do this over and over, and you will begin to see that many titans struggled with low self-belief, grief, massive setbacks, lethargy, etc. My favorite book in this category will always be Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.

2. The modern world is woven with countless programming methods to keep you feeling afraid, inadequate, and impulsive. Combat this daily by purging personal baggage and strategically feeding your subconscious empowering thoughts.

InnerTalk is a self-hypnosis technology that has subliminal affirmations woven into the background.

I listen to Creativity is Natural and Confidence OZO.

3. Follow the guidelines above (. i.e., practice stillness, break your homeostasis routinely, and make overcoming discomfort and resistance a lifestyle. Keep learning about inspiring archetypes and get some streaks going. 

Male Archetypes

The activities with the highest return and most potential to revolutionize your life will always be the hardest to contemplate and do. Never do anything simply because it is the easiest thing to do. And do difficult things precisely because they are hard.

Male Archetypes: Once You Understand This You Will Get Amazing Results

Please understand my history, a man of many acts, I live a thug life comin’ equip with plenty gats. —Tupac Shakur

You will witness many archetypes in your life.

You will read about alphas, betas, rebels, heroes, gammas, etc. 

And you will encounter tricksters, tyrants, and mentors along the way.

You must ultimately realize that you are unique. And you can bust through mental plateaus one after another until you reach your goals.

Once you decide to get after it, you can journey into the unknown, emerging as a strong, intelligent, highly skilled “real” man.

You know, like Pinocchio after he went into the whale’s stomach to save Geppetto.

But you must first start on the road of the warrior, the lover, and the magician.

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